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"Dalea" - Petalostemon albidus
"Dalea" - Petalostemon stanfieldii
"Dalea alopecuroides" - Dalea leporina
"Dalea calycosa" - Marina calycosa
"Dalea diffusa" - Marina diffusa
"Dalea emoryi" - Psorothamnus emoryi
"Dalea frutescens var. laxa" - Dalea frutescens
"Dalea johnsonii" - Psorothamnus fremontii
"Dalea lagopus" - Dalea leporina
"Dalea megacarpa" - Errazurizia megacarpa
"Dalea nigra" - Dalea cliffortiana
"Dalea nutans" - Marina nutans
"Dalea oaxacana" - Dalea virgata
"Dalea ordiae" - Dalea albiflora
"Dalea parryi" - Marina parryi
"Dalea schottii" - Psorothamnus schottii
"Dalea scoparia" - Psorothamnus scoparius
"Dalea seemannii" - Dalea bicolor v. argyraea
"Dalea speciosa" - Psorothamnus spinosus
"Dalea spinosa" - Psorothamnus spinosus

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