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"Austrodanthonia bipartita" - Rytidosperma linkii
"Austrodanthonia caespitosa" - Rytidosperma caespitosum
"Austrodanthonia richardsonii" - Rytidosperma richardsonii
"Austrodanthonia setaceum" - Rytidosperma setaceum
"Danthonia angustifolia" - Pentaschistis pallida
"Danthonia bipartita" - Monachather paradoxus
"Danthonia borussica" - Pentaschistis borussica
"Danthonia buchananii" - Rytidosperma buchananii
"Danthonia carphoides" - Austrodanthonia carphoides
"Danthonia curva" - Tribolium curvum
"Danthonia disticha" - Merxmuellera disticha (name unresolved)
"Danthonia duttoniana" - Austrodanthonia duttoniana
"Danthonia eriantha" - Austrodanthonia eriantha
"Danthonia forskalii" - Centropodia forskalii
"Danthonia frigida" - Chionochloa frigida
"Danthonia glabra" - Rytidosperma lechleri
"Danthonia glauca" - Centropodia glauca
"Danthonia gracilis" - Notodanthonia gracilis
"Danthonia inermis" - Schismus inermis
"Danthonia lappacea" - Astrebla lappacea
"Danthonia nervosa" - Amphibromus nervosus
"Danthonia nuda" - Rytidosperma nudum
"Danthonia pallida" - Rytidosperma pallidum
"Danthonia penicillata" - Austrodanthonia penicillata
"Danthonia penicillata var. vil" - Austrodanthonia penicillata
"Danthonia pilosa" - Austrodanthonia pilosa
"Danthonia provincialis" - Danthonia alpina
"Danthonia purpurea" - Tribolium purpureum
"Danthonia racemosa" - Austrodanthonia racemosa
"Danthonia richardsonii" - Danthonia richardsonii
"Danthonia rigida" - Danthonia raoulii
"Danthonia rufa" - Geochloa rufa
"Danthonia semiannularis" - Notodanthonia semiannularis
"Danthonia semiannularis var. s" - Rytidosperma setifolium
"Danthonia setacea" - Austrodanthonia setacea
"Danthonia setifolia" - Rytidosperma setifolium
"Danthonia stricta" - Merxmuellera stricta (name unresolved)
"Danthonia thomsonii" - Rytidosperma thomsonii
"Danthonia triticoides" - Astrebla lappacea
"Danthonia unarede" - Rytidosperma unarede
"Danthonia virescens" - Rytidosperma virescens

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