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"Dendranthema aphrodite" - Chrysanthemum aphrodite
"Dendranthema arctica" - Arctanthemum arcticum
"Dendranthema argyrophyllum" - Chrysanthemum argyrophyllum
"Dendranthema arisanense" - Chrysanthemum arisanense
"Dendranthema boreale" - Chrysanthemum boreale
"Dendranthema chalchingolicum" - Chrysanthemum chalchingolicum
"Dendranthema chanetii" - Chrysanthemum chanetii
"Dendranthema crassum" - Chrysanthemum crassum
"Dendranthema erubescens" - Chrysanthemum chanetii
"Dendranthema glabriusculum" - Chrysanthemum glabriusculum
"Dendranthema grandiflorum x" - Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x - ju hua
"Dendranthema grandiflorum x" - Chrysanthemum indicum double - semi double mix
"Dendranthema grandiflorum x '" - Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x Fashion
"Dendranthema grandiflorum x '" - Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x Emperor of China
"Dendranthema hypargyrum" - Chrysanthemum hypargyrum
"Dendranthema indicum 'Early" - Chrysanthemum indicum Early Doubles Mix
"Dendranthema indicum 'Korean" - Chrysanthemum indicum Korean Hybrids
"Dendranthema indicum f1 'Fanf" - Chrysanthemum indicum f1 Fanfare doubles mix
"Dendranthema japonense" - Chrysanthemum japonense
"Dendranthema japonense" - Dendranthema japonense
"Dendranthema japonicum" - Chrysanthemum japonicum
"Dendranthema lavandulifolium" - Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium
"Dendranthema maximowiczii" - Chrysanthemum maximowiczii
"Dendranthema mongolicum" - Chrysanthemum mongolicum
"Dendranthema morii" - Chrysanthemum morii
"Dendranthema occidentalijapone" - Chrysanthemum japonense
"Dendranthema okiense" - Chrysanthemum okiense
"Dendranthema oreastrum" - Chrysanthemum oreastrum
"Dendranthema ornatum" - Chrysanthemum ornatum
"Dendranthema pacificum" - Chrysanthemum pacificum
"Dendranthema potentilloides" - Chrysanthemum potentilloides
"Dendranthema shiwogiku" - Chrysanthemum shiwogiku
"Dendranthema sinensis" - Chrysanthemum morifolium
"Dendranthema sinuatum" - Chrysanthemum sinuatum
"Dendranthema vestitum" - Chrysanthemum vestitum
"Dendranthema weyrichii" - Chrysanthemum zawadskii
"Dendranthema weyrichii" - Chrysanthemum weyrichii
"Dendranthema yezoense" - Chrysanthemum yezoense
"Dendranthema yoshinaganthum" - Chrysanthemum yoshinaganthum

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