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"Dendrobium aggregatum" - Dendrobium lindleyi
"Dendrobium aggregatum jenkinsi" - Dendrobium jenkinsii
"Dendrobium amplum" - Epigeneium amplum
"Dendrobium aphyllum v latinif." - Dendrobium pierardii v latinifolium
"Dendrobium aureum" - Dendrobium heterocarpum
"Dendrobium chionanthum" - Cadetia chionantha
"Dendrobium crispulum" - Dendrobium moniliforme
"Dendrobium densiflorum A-I" - Dendrobium thyrsiflorum
"Dendrobium fariniferum" - Diplocaulobium fariniferum
"Dendrobium fimbriatum var. ocu" - Dendrobium fimbriatum
"Dendrobium flabellum" - Flickingeria fimbriata
"Dendrobium flammula" - Dendrobium subclausum ssp subclausum
"Dendrobium fusiforme" - Dendrobium jonesii
"Dendrobium linguella" - Dendrobium hercoglossum
"Dendrobium lyonii" - Epigeneium lyonii
"Dendrobium nutans" - Geodorum nutans
"Dendrobium phlox" - Dendrobium subclausum ssp subclausum
"Dendrobium pierardii" - Dendrobium aphyllum
"Dendrobium pierardii lantinif" - Dendrobium aphyllum Lantinifolium
"Dendrobium plicatile" - Flickingeria fimbriata
"Dendrobium seidelanum" - Dendrobium loddigesii v seidelianum
"Dendrobium sophronites" - Dendrobium cuthbertsonii
"Dendrobium superbum" - Dendrobium anosmum
"Dendrobium superbum v album" - Dendrobium anosmum v album

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