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"Desmodium acuminatum" - Desmodium glutinosum
"Desmodium albiflorum" - Desmodium affine
"Desmodium asperum" - Desmodium distortum
"Desmodium biarticulatum" - Aphyllodium biarticulatum
"Desmodium bicolor" - Lespedeza bicolor
"Desmodium blandum" - Phyllodium elegans
"Desmodium bodinieri" - Desmodium podocarpum
"Desmodium buergeri" - Desmodium heterocarpon
"Desmodium caffrum" - Desmodium dregeanum
"Desmodium canum" - Desmodium incanum
"Desmodium cephalotes" - Dendrolobium triangulare
"Desmodium ciliare" - Codariocalyx gyroides
"Desmodium diffusum" - Desmodium laxiflorum
"Desmodium diffusum" - Desmodium dichotomum
"Desmodium elegans" - Phyllodium elegans
"Desmodium esquirolii" - Phyllodium elegans
"Desmodium filiforme" - Desmodium limense
"Desmodium floribundum" - Desmodium multiflorum
"Desmodium frutescens" - Desmodium incanum
"Desmodium grandiflorum v l." - Desmodium cuspidatum v. longifolium
"Desmodium granulatum" - Desmodium triflorum
"Desmodium gyrans" - Codariocalyx motorius
"Desmodium gyroides" - Codariocalyx gyroides
"Desmodium hjalmarsonii" - Desmodium intortum
"Desmodium japonicum" - Desmodium podocarpum
"Desmodium laburnifolium" - Desmodium caudatum
"Desmodium lanceolatum" - Dendrolobium lanceolatum
"Desmodium lasiocarpum" - Desmodium velutinum
"Desmodium latifolium" - Desmodium velutinum
"Desmodium limense var. sandwic" - Desmodium sandwicense
"Desmodium longipes" - Phyllodium longipes
"Desmodium mauritianum" - Desmodium incanum
"Desmodium molle" - Desmodium glabrum
"Desmodium motorium" - Codariocalyx motorius
"Desmodium oblatum" - Desmodium renifolium
"Desmodium ovalifolium" - Desmodium adscendens
"Desmodium parviflorum" - Desmodium triflorum
"Desmodium parvifolium" - Desmodium microphyllum
"Desmodium penduliflorum" - Lespedeza thunbergii
"Desmodium pulchellum" - Phyllodium pulchellum
"Desmodium purpureum" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Desmodium renifolium var. obla" - Desmodium renifolium
"Desmodium rigidum" - Desmodium obtusum
"Desmodium sambuense" - Desmodium multiflorum
"Desmodium sinuatum" - Desmodium sequax
"Desmodium spicatum" - Phyllodium elegans
"Desmodium spirale" - Desmodium procumbens
"Desmodium stipulaceum" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Desmodium supinus" - Desmodium incanum
"Desmodium tenuiflorum" - Macrotyloma tenuiflorum
"Desmodium thunbergii" - Lespedeza thunbergii
"Desmodium tiliifolium" - Desmodium elegans
"Desmodium triangulare" - Dendrolobium triangulare
"Desmodium umbellatum" - Dendrolobium umbellatum
"Desmodium wigginsii" - Desmodium scopulorum

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