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"Dianthus algetanus" - Dianthus costae
"Dianthus alpestris" - Dianthus monspessulanus
"Dianthus alpinus var. semenovi" - Dianthus semenovii
"Dianthus andrzejowskianum" - Dianthus capitatus
"Dianthus barbatus 'Nigrescens'" - Dianthus barbatus Standard Nigricans - Dunettii
"Dianthus barbatus Dunnetts Dar" - Dianthus barbatus Standard Nigricans - Dunettii
"Dianthus barbatus flore pleno " - Dianthus barbatus dwarf double mixed
"Dianthus barbatus Messenger" - Dianthus barbatus Messenger - Herald of Spring mix
"Dianthus barbatus Nigrescens" - Dianthus barbatus Sooty
"Dianthus bebius" - Dianthus petraeus
"Dianthus brachyanthus" - Dianthus subacaulis
"Dianthus caesius" - Dianthus gratianopolitanus
"Dianthus chinensis v laciniata" - Dianthus x cincinnatus Dancing Geisha mix
"Dianthus chinensis x barbatus" - Dianthus chinensis f1 Ideal Carmine
"Dianthus chinensis x barbatus" - Dianthus chinensis x Diamond Mixed
"Dianthus cinnabarinus" - Dianthus biflorus
"Dianthus crenatus" - Dianthus caespitosus ssp pectinatus
"Dianthus crinitus var. crossop" - Dianthus crossopetalus
"Dianthus curticeps" - Dianthus curtusian
"Dianthus dubius" - Petrorhagia dubia
"Dianthus erinaceus" - Dianthus webbianus
"Dianthus glabriusculus" - Dianthus membranaceus
"Dianthus grat. Grandiflorus" - Dianthus gratianopolitanus
"Dianthus gredensis" - Dianthus langeanus
"Dianthus heddewigii Baby D. (" - Dianthus chinensis Baby Doll Mixed dwarf single
"Dianthus heddewigii Gaiety (e" - Dianthus chinensis Gaiety double mixed
"Dianthus heddewigii Gaiety s. " - Dianthus chinensis Gaiety single mixed
"Dianthus hirtus" - Dianthus scaber
"Dianthus hungaricus" - Dianthus plumarius
"Dianthus hypochlorus" - Dianthus zonatus
"Dianthus hypochlorus var. kara" - Dianthus karami
"Dianthus hyssopifolius" - Dianthus monspessulanus
"Dianthus hyssopifolius ssp mon" - Dianthus hyssopifolius ssp gallicus
"Dianthus isensis x D G" - Dianthus cincinnatus x Dancing Geisha
"Dianthus liburnicus var. knapp" - Dianthus knappii
"Dianthus lilacinus var. andros" - Dianthus androsaceus
"Dianthus lumnitzeri" - Dianthus plumarius Lumnitzeri
"Dianthus monspessulanus var. a" - Dianthus monspessulanus
"Dianthus monspessulanus x segu" - Dianthus arvernensis x
"Dianthus montanus f. imeretica" - Dianthus imereticus
"Dianthus montivagus" - Dianthus carthusianorum
"Dianthus neglectus" - Dianthus seguieri ssp gautieri
"Dianthus oreadum" - Dianthus superbus hort
"Dianthus pectinatus" - Dianthus caespitosus ssp pectinatus
"Dianthus plumarius x allwoodii" - Dianthus Allwoodii x Alpinus
"Dianthus plumarius x caryophyl" - Dianthus Allwoodii x Cottage Pinks
"Dianthus polymorphus subsp. be" - Dianthus bessarabicus
"Dianthus preobrashenskii" - Dianthus bicolor
"Dianthus prolifer" - Petrorhagia prolifera
"Dianthus prostratus" - Dianthus caespitosus ssp pectinatus
"Dianthus Queen of Henri" - Dianthus Allwoodii Queen of Henry
"Dianthus saxifragus" - Petrorhagia saxifraga
"Dianthus strictus v bebius" - Dianthus petraeus v bebius
"Dianthus superbus f. longicaly" - Dianthus longicalyx
"Dianthus superbus var. longica" - Dianthus longicalyx
"Dianthus tabrisianus var. suba" - Dianthus subaphyllus
"Dianthus tenuifolius" - Dianthus carthusianorum
"Dianthus tetralepis" - Dianthus crinitus
"Dianthus tristis" - Dianthus pancicii
"Dianthus turcomanicus" - Dianthus crinitus
"Dianthus Vampire x deltoides B" - Dianthus deltoides Zing Red
"Dianthus velebiticus" - Dianthus carthusianorum
"Dianthus velutinus" - Petrorhagia dubia
"Dianthus viscidus var. tymphre" - Dianthus tymphresteus
"Dianthus x isensis" - Dianthus x cincinnatus Dancing Geisha mix

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