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"Dioscorea aculeata" - Dioscorea esculenta
"Dioscorea belizensis" - Dioscorea hondurensis
"Dioscorea bonariensis" - Dioscorea sinuata
"Dioscorea brevipes" - Dioscorea sylvatica
"Dioscorea daemona" - Dioscorea hispida
"Dioscorea dregeana var. hutchi" - Dioscorea dregeana
"Dioscorea fasciculata" - Dioscorea esculenta
"Dioscorea grandiflora" - Dioscorea galeottiana
"Dioscorea hirticaulis" - Dioscorea villosa
"Dioscorea lagoa-santa" - Dioscorea subhastata
"Dioscorea latifolia" - Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils vsvs
"Dioscorea lobata" - Dioscorea galeottiana
"Dioscorea macrostachya" - Dioscorea mexicana
"Dioscorea macroura" - Dioscorea sansibarensis
"Dioscorea montana" - Dioscorea sylvatica
"Dioscorea occidentalis" - Dioscorea cayenensis
"Dioscorea opposita" - Dioscorea batatas small tubers
"Dioscorea piperifolia var. gla" - Dioscorea glandulosa
"Dioscorea quaternata" - Dioscorea villosa
"Dioscorea rubella" - Dioscorea alata
"Dioscorea sativa" - Dioscorea esculenta
"Dioscorea tepinapensis" - Dioscorea composita
"Dioscorea triphylla" - Dioscorea pentaphylla
"Dioscorea villosa var. hirtica" - Dioscorea villosa

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