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"Agropyron donianum" - Elymus donianus
"Brindonia indica" - Garcinia indica
"Cydonia japonica" - Chaenomeles japonica svs
"Cydonia lagenaria" - Chaenomeles japonica svs
"Cydonia lagenaria" - Chaenomeles lagenaria
"Cydonia sinensis" - Chaenomeles sinensis
"Cydonia speciosa" - Chaenomeles lagenaria
"Cydonia vulgaris" - Cydonia oblonga svs
"Donia ciliata" - Grindelia papposa
"Donia lanceolata" - Pyrrocoma lanceolata
"Donia punicea" - Clianthus puniceus
"Donia uniflora" - Pyrrocoma uniflora
"Eucodonia ehrenbergii" - Achimenes ehrenbergii
"Gordonia anomala" - Gordonia axillaris
"Gordonia franklinii" - Franklinia alatamaha
"Gordonia pubescens" - Franklinia alatamaha
"Gordonia wallichii" - Schima wallichii
"Haydonia monophylla" - Vigna monophylla
"Haydonia triphylla" - Vigna triphylla
"Laetia guidonia" - Zuelania guidonia
"Libocedrus doniana" - Libocedrus plumosa
"Loudonia aurea" - Glischrocaryon aureum
"Philadelphus gordonianus" - Philadelphus lewisii bs
"Philadelphus gordonianus var. " - Philadelphus lewisii bs
"Pseudocydonia sinensis" - Chaenomeles sinensis
"Pyrus cydonia" - Cydonia oblonga svs
"Tandonia diffusa" - Anredera diffusa
"Thuja doniana" - Libocedrus plumosa

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