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"Drosera 'coomallo'" - Drosera echinoblastus
"Drosera 'forrestiana'" - Drosera browniana
"Drosera 'Steve's Palacea'" - Drosera leioblastus
"Drosera allantostigma x ericks" - Drosera nitidula ssp allantostigma x ericksonae
"Drosera androsacea" - Drosera parvula
"Drosera Armadale" - Drosera oreopodion
"Drosera binata X Marston Mill" - Drosera binata hyb.
"Drosera Cataby" - Drosera closterostigma
"Drosera coolamon" - Drosera rechingeri
"Drosera dichotoma" - Drosera binata
"Drosera echinoblasta" - Drosera echinoblastus
"Drosera Enneabba" - Drosera enneabba
"Drosera enodes Jindong" - Drosera stelliflora
"Drosera Erickson's Omissa" - Drosera ericksonae
"Drosera Esperance" - Drosera sargentii
"Drosera fulva (Planchon)" - Drosera petiolaris aff. long scapes Darwin
"Drosera leioblasta" - Drosera leioblastus
"Drosera longifolia" - Drosera anglica proteg.
"Drosera lusitanica" - Drosophyllum lusitanicum
"Drosera manniana" - Drosera mannii
"Drosera muchea" - Drosera spilos Eagle Hill WA
"Drosera nitidula x ericksonae" - Drosera nitidula x ericksonae
"Drosera nitidula x pygmaea" - Drosera nitidula x pygmaea
"Drosera occidentalis ssp South" - Drosera occidentalis ssp australis type Warriup
"Drosera omissa" - Drosera nitidula ssp omissa
"Drosera omissa (Marchant)" - Drosera enodes Scott River WA
"Drosera omissa x pulchella" - Drosera nitidula ssp omissa x pulchella
"Drosera peltata aff" - Drosera bicolor Fitzgerald WA
"Drosera petiolaris aff" - Drosera fulva Howard River NT
"Drosera Platy O'Brien" - Drosera hyperostigma
"Drosera platystigma" - Drosera sewelliae
"Drosera rechingeri" - Drosera citrina
"Drosera sewellii" - Drosera platystigma
"Drosera sulphurea" - Drosera neesii v sulphurea
"Drosera sulphurea" - Drosera neesii Pinjarra WA
"Drosera X 'carbarup'" - Drosera nitidula hyb b

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