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"Echinomastus acunensis" - Sclerocactus erectocentrus b cit
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus" - Sclerocactus intertextus Sierra Co NM
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus" - Sclerocactus dasyacanthus central NM
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus" - Sclerocactus intertextus HK 1020 cent NM
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus 'car" - Sclerocactus intertextus Luna Co NM
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus B C" - Sclerocactus intertextus Bernalillo Co
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus E C" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Escalon Chihuahua
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus E P " - Sclerocactus intertextus El Paso Co Tx
"Echinomastus dasyacanthus L P " - Sclerocactus intertextus Los Pinos Mts NM
"Echinomastus durangensis" - Echinomastus unguispinus
"Echinomastus durangensis P D T" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Pedricena Dur TL
"Echinomastus durangensus B D" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Bermejillo Durango
"Echinomastus e." - Sclerocactus erectocentrus se Florence Az cit
"Echinomastus e." - Sclerocactus erectocentrus Pima Co Az cit
"Echinomastus hispidus aff warn" - Sclerocactus hispidus Cuatrocienagas
"Echinomastus intertextus" - Sclerocactus intertextus
"Echinomastus intertextus P C T" - Sclerocactus intertextus Presidio Co Tx
"Echinomastus johnsonii" - Sclerocactus johnsonii
"Echinomastus johnsonii C C N" - Sclerocactus johnsonii Clark Co Nv
"Echinomastus johnsonii F M N" - Sclerocactus johnsonii Frenchman Mts Nv
"Echinomastus johnsonii.." - Sclerocactus johnsonii lutescens Mohave Co Az
"Echinomastus laui" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Salinas SLP
"Echinomastus laui" - Sclerocactus unguispinus b
"Echinomastus laui x unguispinu" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Escalon Chihuahua
"Echinomastus m." - Sclerocactus mariposensis cit
"Echinomastus m." - Sclerocactus mariposensis w Brewster Co cit
"Echinomastus m. E C" - Sclerocactus mariposensis Encantada Coah cit
"Echinomastus macdowellii" - Thelocactus macdowellii
"Echinomastus macdowellii" - Thelocactus macdowellii b
"Echinomastus mapimiensis" - Echinomastus unguispinus
"Echinomastus u. B D" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Bermijillo Durango
"Echinomastus u. E C" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Escalon Chih
"Echinomastus u. E C" - Sclerocactus unguispinus e Escalon Chih
"Echinomastus u. J C" - Sclerocactus unguispinus s Jimenez Chihuahua
"Echinomastus u. R D" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Rodeo Durango
"Echinomastus u. R N D" - Sclerocactus unguispinus Rio Nazas Durango
"Echinomastus ung. G P D" - Sclerocactus unguispinus s Gomez Palacio Dur
"Echinomastus w. B C T" - Sclerocactus warnockii e Brewster Co Tx
"Echinomastus w. p. BC" - Sclerocactus warnockii pallidus Brewster Co
"Echinomastus..." - Sclerocactus warnockii Brewster Co Tx tall

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