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"Elymus erianthus" - Leymus erianthus
"Erianthus alopecuroides" - Saccharum alopecuroides
"Erianthus angustifolius" - Saccharum angustifolium
"Erianthus arundinaceus" - Saccharum arundinaceum
"Erianthus asper" - Saccharum asperum
"Erianthus balansae" - Saccharum balansae
"Erianthus baldwinii" - Erianthus strictus
"Erianthus beccarii" - Saccharum beccarii
"Erianthus bengalensis" - Saccharum bengalense
"Erianthus capensis" - Miscanthus capensis
"Erianthus ciliaris var. elegan" - Saccharum procerum
"Erianthus coarctatus" - Saccharum coarctatum
"Erianthus compactus" - Saccharum giganteum
"Erianthus elegans" - Saccharum procerum
"Erianthus fastigiatus" - Eulalia fastigiata
"Erianthus filifolius" - Saccharum filifolium
"Erianthus flavescens" - Miscanthus violaceus
"Erianthus fulvus" - Saccharum rufipilum
"Erianthus giganteus" - Saccharum giganteum
"Erianthus hostii" - Saccharum strictum
"Erianthus kanashiroi" - Saccharum kanashiroi
"Erianthus munja" - Saccharum bengalense
"Erianthus perrieri" - Saccharum perrieri
"Erianthus procerus" - Saccharum procerum
"Erianthus procerus var. elegan" - Saccharum procerum
"Erianthus purpurascens" - Saccharum ravennae
"Erianthus ravennae" - Saccharum ravennae
"Erianthus rufipilus" - Saccharum rufipilum
"Erianthus saccharoides subvar." - Saccharum trinii
"Erianthus trinii" - Saccharum trinii
"Erianthus viguieri" - Saccharum viguieri
"Erianthus violaceus" - Miscanthus violaceus

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