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"Eugenia acuminatissima" - Syzygium acuminatissimum
"Eugenia aquea" - Syzygium aqueum
"Eugenia aromatica" - Syzygium aromaticum
"Eugenia arrabidae" - Eugenia campestris
"Eugenia brachyandra" - Acmena brachyandra svs
"Eugenia brasiliana" - Eugenia uniflora svs
"Eugenia buxifolia" - Eugenia foetida
"Eugenia cabelludo v glaziovian" - Myrciaria glazioviana
"Eugenia carissoides" - Eugenia reinwardtiana
"Eugenia caryophyllata" - Syzygium aromaticum
"Eugenia caryophyllus" - Syzygium aromaticum
"Eugenia cauliflora" - Myrciaria cauliflora
"Eugenia chequen" - Luma chequen svs
"Eugenia coolminianum" - Syzygium oleosum
"Eugenia corallensis" - Myrceugenia exsucca svs
"Eugenia coriacea" - Eugenia foetida
"Eugenia cotinifolia" - Eugenia foetida
"Eugenia cumini" - Syzygium cumini
"Eugenia cymosa" - Syzygium cymosum
"Eugenia dombeyi" - Eugenia brasiliensis
"Eugenia dumetorum" - Rhodamnia dumetorum
"Eugenia edulis" - Myrciaria edulis
"Eugenia edulis" - Plinia edulis
"Eugenia elliptica" - Syzygium smithii
"Eugenia eucalyptoides" - Syzygium eucalyptoides
"Eugenia euosma" - Myrceugenia euosma svs
"Eugenia exsucca" - Myrceugenia exsucca svs
"Eugenia floribunda" - Myrciaria floribunda
"Eugenia grandis" - Syzygium grande
"Eugenia heteromorpha" - Eugenia foetida
"Eugenia jaboticaba" - Myrciaria jaboticaba
"Eugenia jambolana" - Syzygium cumini
"Eugenia jambos" - Syzygium jambos
"Eugenia javanica" - Syzygium samarangense
"Eugenia lucescens" - Eugenia luschnathiana
"Eugenia luehmannii" - Syzygium luehmannii
"Eugenia luehmannii" - Acmena luehmannii svs
"Eugenia malaccensis" - Syzygium malaccense
"Eugenia mato" - Myrcianthes mato
"Eugenia michelii" - Eugenia uniflora svs
"Eugenia multiflora" - Myrcia multiflora
"Eugenia multiflora" - Myrceugenia exsucca svs
"Eugenia myrcianthes" - Hexachlamys edulis
"Eugenia myrtifolia" - Eugenia myrtifolia svs
"Eugenia myrtifolia" - Syzygium paniculatum
"Eugenia natalitia" - Eugenia capensis ssp. natalitia
"Eugenia operculata" - Syzygium nervosum
"Eugenia owariensis" - Syzygium owariense
"Eugenia pimenta" - Pimenta dioica
"Eugenia pitra" - Myrceugenia exsucca svs
"Eugenia polyantha (Miq.)" - Myrcia inaequiloba
"Eugenia polyantha (Phil.)" - Myrceugenia obtusa
"Eugenia polyantha (Wight)" - Syzygium polyanthum
"Eugenia pungens" - Myrcianthes pungens
"Eugenia racemosa" - Barringtonia racemosa
"Eugenia rudatisii" - Eugenia capensis ssp. natalitia
"Eugenia schomburgkii" - Eugenia lambertiana
"Eugenia smithii" - Acmena smithii svs
"Eugenia tomentosa" - Myrcia tomentosa
"Eugenia tweediei" - Blepharocalyx tweediei
"Eugenia uvalha" - Eugenia pyriformis
"Eugenia zeyheri" - Syzygium capensis ssp zeyheri svs
"Myrceugenia luma" - Myrceugenia fernandeziana svs
"Notocactus eugeniae" - Parodia eugeniae
"Notocactus eugeniae b" - Parodia mueller-melchersii Tacuarembo
"Notocactus eugeniae hyb. mix" - Parodia mueller-melchersii hybrid mix
"Notocatus eugeniae" - Parodia mueller-melchersii
"Parodia mammulosa ssp eugeniae" - Parodia mueller-melchersii

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