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"Fagus americana" - Fagus grandifolia
"Fagus antarctica" - Nothofagus antarctica
"Fagus betuloides" - Nothofagus betuloides
"Fagus castanea" - Castanea sativa svs
"Fagus cunninghamii" - Nothofagus cunninghamii
"Fagus dombeyi" - Nothofagus dombeyi
"Fagus ferruginea" - Fagus grandifolia
"Fagus fusca" - Nothofagus fusca
"Fagus fusca var. colensoi" - Nothofagus truncata
"Fagus glutinosus" - Eucryphia glutinosa
"Fagus gunnii" - Nothofagus gunnii
"Fagus javanica" - Castanopsis javanica
"Fagus menziesii" - Nothofagus menziesii
"Fagus obliqua" - Nothofagus obliqua
"Fagus philipensis" - Castanopsis philipensis
"Fagus procera" - Castanea sativa svs
"Fagus pumilio" - Nothofagus pumilio
"Fagus sieboldii" - Fagus crenata
"Fagus truncata" - Nothofagus truncata
"Fagus-castanea dentata" - Castanea dentata
"Nothofagus alpina" - Nothofagus procera
"Nothofagus cliffortoides" - Nothofagus solanderi v. cliffortoides
"Nothofagus fusca var. colensoi" - Nothofagus truncata
"Nothofagus macrocarpa" - Nothofagus obliqua v. macrocarpa
"Nothofagus nervosa" - Nothofagus procera

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