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"Acacia senegalensis" - Acacia senegal
"Aphania senegalensis" - Lepisanthes senegalensis
"Aristolochia galeata" - Aristolochia labiata
"Borzicactus huagalensis" - Matucana huagalensis
"Cassia galegifolia" - Senna pallida
"Celastrus senegalensis" - Gymnosporia senegalensis
"Coffea bengalensis" - Psilanthus bengalensis
"Diospyros senegalensis" - Diospyros mespiliformis
"Ekebergia senegalensis" - Ekebergia capensis
"Erianthus bengalensis" - Saccharum bengalense
"Erysimum passgalense" - Erysimum aucherianum
"Escobaria roseana v galeanensi" - Acharagma roseanum ssp galeanense name unresolved
"Fagara senegalensis" - Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides
"Gale palustris" - Myrica gale
"Galedupa elliptica" - Paraderris elliptica
"Galedupa indica" - Millettia pinnata
"Galedupa pinnata" - Millettia pinnata
"Galedupa piscidia" - Millettia piscidia
"Galega cathartica" - Tephrosia senna
"Galega cinerea" - Tephrosia cinerea
"Galega dahurica" - Astragalus dahuricus
"Galega davurica" - Astragalus davuricus
"Galega filiformis" - Galactia filiformis
"Galega grandiflora" - Tephrosia grandiflora
"Galega longifolia" - Galactia longifolia
"Galega maxima" - Tephrosia maxima
"Galega patula" - Galega officinalis
"Galega piscatoria" - Tephrosia purpurea
"Galega sinapou" - Tephrosia sinapou
"Galega ternata" - Aspalathus ternata
"Galega toxicaria" - Tephrosia sinapou
"Galeobdolon luteum" - Lamium galeobdolon
"Galeopsis galeobdolon" - Lamium galeobdolon
"Galeopsis ochroleuca" - Galeopsis segetum
"Galeopsis tetrahit" - Galeopsis tetrahit
"Icacina senegalensis" - Icacina oliviformis
"Lamiastrum galeobdolon" - Lamium galeobdolon
"Landolphia senegalensis" - Saba senegalensis
"Lasimorpha senegalensis" - Cyrtosperma senegalense
"Mammillaria tetracantha v gale" - Mammillaria polythele v. galeotti
"Maytenus senegalensis" - Gymnosporia senegalensis
"Myrica gale var. tomentosa" - Myrica gale
"Podoria senegalensis" - Boscia senegalensis
"Polygonum senegalense" - Persicaria senegalensis
"Rebutia pseudodeminuta 'nogale" - Rebutia deminuta ssp kupperiana nogalesensis
"Sapindus senegalensis" - Lepisanthes senegalensis
"Schefflera bengalensis" - Schefflera pubigera
"Senna galegifolia" - Senna pallida
"Sophora galegoides" - Sophora flavescens
"Swietenia senegalensis" - Khaya senegalensis
"Taligalea campestris" - Amasonia campestris
"Vahea senegalensis" - Saba senegalensis
"Vicia galegifolia" - Swainsona galegifolia
"Zanthoxylum senegalense" - Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides

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