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"Glycine abrus" - Abrus precatorius
"Glycine albidiflora" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine bimaculata" - Hardenbergia violacea
"Glycine borianii" - Pseudoeriosema borianii
"Glycine bracteata" - Amphicarpaea bracteata
"Glycine caribaea" - Rhynchosia caribaea
"Glycine claessensii" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine comptoniana" - Hardenbergia comptoniana
"Glycine crinata" - Eriosema crinitum
"Glycine floribunda" - Wisteria floribunda
"Glycine fortunei" - Apios fortunei
"Glycine galactioides" - Calopogonium galactioides
"Glycine gracilis" - Glycine max
"Glycine hedysaroides" - Ophrestia hedysaroides
"Glycine hispida" - Glycine max
"Glycine hispida var. brunnea" - Glycine max
"Glycine hispida var. lutea" - Glycine max
"Glycine javanica" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine javanica var. panicula" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine koidzumii" - Glycine tabacina
"Glycine longicauda" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine lucida" - Strongylodon lucidus
"Glycine malacophylla" - Rhynchosia malacophylla
"Glycine maranguensis" - Macrotyloma maranguense
"Glycine max Gion" - Soybean Gion edible
"Glycine mearnsii" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine micrantha" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine moniliformis" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine petitiana" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine phaseoloides" - Rhynchosia phaseoloides
"Glycine precatoria" - Rhynchosia precatoria
"Glycine priceana" - Apios priceana
"Glycine pseudojavanica" - Neonotonia wightii
"Glycine punctata" - Poiretia punctata
"Glycine repens" - Teramnus repens
"Glycine rubicunda" - Kennedia rubicunda
"Glycine sagittata" - Centrosema sagittatum
"Glycine sericea" - Glycine canescens
"Glycine sinensis" - Wisteria sinensis
"Glycine soja" - Glycine max
"Glycine striata" - Galactia striata
"Glycine sublobata" - Rhynchosia sublobata
"Glycine subterranea" - Vigna subterranea
"Glycine tenuiflora" - Galactia tenuiflora
"Glycine tomentosa" - Glycine tomentella
"Glycine umbellata" - Strophostyles umbellata
"Glycine unifoliolata" - Ophrestia unifoliolata
"Glycine villosa" - Dunbaria villosa
"Glycine violacea" - Hardenbergia violacea
"Glycine wightii" - Neonotonia wightii
"Paraglycine hedysaroides" - Ophrestia hedysaroides
"Paraglycine unifoliolata" - Ophrestia unifoliolata

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