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"Cassia hebecarpa" - Senna hebecarpa
"Chaetocalyx hebecarpa" - Chaetocalyx longiflora
"Dovyalis hebe. x abyss." - Dovyalis hybrid
"Erica hebecalyx" - Erica unicolor ssp georgensis
"Goniogyna hebecarpa" - Crotalaria hebecarpa
"Hebe 'Pagei' ?" - Hebe Pageboy
"Hebe anomala" - Hebe odora
"Hebe buxifolia" - Hebe odora
"Hebe Carl Teschner" - Hebe Youngii
"Hebe coxiana" - Hebe chathamica
"Hebe dorrien-smithii" - Hebe dieffenbachii
"Hebe formosa" - Veronica formosa
"Hebe glaucicaerulea" - Hebe pimeleoides
"Hebe greyi" - Hebe vernicosa
"Hebe laevis" - Hebe venustula
"Hebe lavaudiana" - Heliohebe lavaudiana
"Hebe montana" - Hebe subalpina
"Hebe pentasepala" - Heliohebe pentasepala
"Hebe raoulii" - Heliohebe raoulii
"Hebe raoulii ssp macgaskillii" - Heliohebe raoulii ssp macgaskillii
"Hebe salicifolia var. paludosa" - Hebe salicifolia
"Hebe trisepala" - Hebe diosmifolia
"Hebenstretia dentata Attract." - Hebenstretia comosa Attraction
"Hebestigma cubense subsp. cube" - What is this ?
"Parahebe formosa" - Veronica formosa
"Parahebe nivea" - Veronica nivea
"Rumea hebecarpa" - Dovyalis hebecarpa

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