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"Hedysarum adscendens" - Desmodium adscendens
"Hedysarum aequidentatum" - Onobrychis aequidentata
"Hedysarum altaicum" - Hedysarum gmelinii
"Hedysarum angustifolium" - Desmodium angustifolium
"Hedysarum aparines" - Desmodium aparines
"Hedysarum argenteum" - Hedysarum biebersteinii
"Hedysarum asperum" - Desmodium distortum
"Hedysarum axillare" - Desmodium axillare
"Hedysarum barbatum" - Desmodium barbatum
"Hedysarum biarticulatum" - Aphyllodium biarticulatum
"Hedysarum bicolor" - Adesmia bicolor
"Hedysarum bupleurifolium" - Alysicarpus bupleurifolius
"Hedysarum buxbaumii" - Onobrychis radiata
"Hedysarum cajanifolium" - Desmodium cajanifolium
"Hedysarum canadense" - Desmodium canadense
"Hedysarum canescens" - Desmodium canescens
"Hedysarum canum" - Desmodium incanum
"Hedysarum capitatum" - Hedysarum glomeratum
"Hedysarum capitatum var. palle" - Hedysarum spinosissimum
"Hedysarum caput-galli" - Onobrychis caput-galli
"Hedysarum caput-galli var. cri" - Onobrychis crista-galli
"Hedysarum caucasicum" - Hedysarum hedysaroides
"Hedysarum caudatum" - Desmodium caudatum
"Hedysarum cephalotes" - Dendrolobium triangulare
"Hedysarum cinereum" - Desmodium cinereum
"Hedysarum collinum" - Hedysarum chalchorum
"Hedysarum confertum" - Hedysarum humile
"Hedysarum cornutum" - Onobrychis cornuta
"Hedysarum crinitum" - Uraria crinita
"Hedysarum crista-galli" - Onobrychis crista-galli
"Hedysarum cuspidatum v l." - Desmodium cuspidatum v. longifolium
"Hedysarum cylindricum" - Alysicarpus vaginalis
"Hedysarum dichotomum" - Desmodium dichotomum
"Hedysarum diphyllum" - Zornia diphylla
"Hedysarum distortum" - Desmodium distortum
"Hedysarum ecastaphyllum" - Dalbergia ecastaphyllum
"Hedysarum elegans" - Phyllodium elegans
"Hedysarum esculentum" - Hedysarum vicioides
"Hedysarum falcatum" - Aeschynomene falcata
"Hedysarum floribundum" - Desmodium multiflorum
"Hedysarum fontanesii" - Hedysarum humile
"Hedysarum frutescens" - Lespedeza frutescens
"Hedysarum fruticosum subsp. mo" - Hedysarum fruticosum
"Hedysarum fruticosum var. mong" - Hedysarum fruticosum
"Hedysarum gangeticum" - Desmodium gangeticum
"Hedysarum gemellum" - Zornia gemella
"Hedysarum glabrum" - Desmodium glabrum
"Hedysarum glumaceum" - Alysicarpus glumaceus
"Hedysarum gramineum" - Alysicarpus bupleurifolius
"Hedysarum gyroides" - Codariocalyx gyroides
"Hedysarum hamatum" - Stylosanthes hamata bs
"Hedysarum hamatum var. viscosu" - Stylosanthes viscosa
"Hedysarum heterophyllum" - Desmodium heterophyllum
"Hedysarum hirtum" - Lespedeza hirta
"Hedysarum incanum" - Indigofera decora
"Hedysarum incarnatum" - Indigofera decora
"Hedysarum intortum" - Desmodium intortum
"Hedysarum laburnifolium" - Desmodium caudatum
"Hedysarum laeve" - Hedysarum fruticosum
"Hedysarum lagopodioides" - Uraria lagopodioides
"Hedysarum lasiocarpum" - Desmodium velutinum
"Hedysarum latifolium" - Desmodium velutinum
"Hedysarum leiocarpon" - Desmodium leiocarpon
"Hedysarum linifolium" - Indigofera linifolia
"Hedysarum longifolium" - Alysicarpus longifolius
"Hedysarum lutescens" - Pycnospora lutescens
"Hedysarum mauritianum" - Desmodium incanum
"Hedysarum micranthos" - Aeschynomene micranthos
"Hedysarum microphyllum" - Desmodium microphyllum
"Hedysarum micropterum subsp. m" - Hedysarum macranthum
"Hedysarum molle" - Desmodium glabrum
"Hedysarum mongolicum" - Hedysarum fruticosum
"Hedysarum moniliferum" - Alysicarpus monilifer
"Hedysarum muricatum" - Adesmia muricata
"Hedysarum nummulariifolium" - Indigofera nummulariifolia
"Hedysarum obscurum" - Hedysarum hedysaroides
"Hedysarum obtusum" - Desmodium obtusum
"Hedysarum onobrychis" - Onobrychis viciifolia comm.
"Hedysarum ornatum" - Onobrychis ornata
"Hedysarum ovalifolium" - Alysicarpus ovalifolius
"Hedysarum pallasii" - Onobrychis pallasii
"Hedysarum pallens" - Hedysarum spinosissimum
"Hedysarum paniculatum" - Desmodium paniculatum
"Hedysarum petraeum" - Onobrychis petraea
"Hedysarum pictum" - Uraria picta
"Hedysarum pilosum" - Lespedeza pilosa
"Hedysarum polymorphum" - Hedysarum gmelinii
"Hedysarum prismatica" - Chapmannia prismatica
"Hedysarum pseudalhagi" - Alhagi maurorum
"Hedysarum ptolemaicum" - Onobrychis ptolemaica
"Hedysarum pulchellum" - Phyllodium pulchellum
"Hedysarum punctatum" - Adesmia punctata
"Hedysarum purpureum" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Hedysarum radiatum" - Onobrychis radiata
"Hedysarum renifolium" - Desmodium renifolium
"Hedysarum repandum" - Desmodium repandum
"Hedysarum repens" - Lespedeza repens
"Hedysarum rigidum" - Desmodium obtusum
"Hedysarum rugosum" - Alysicarpus rugosus
"Hedysarum sambuense" - Desmodium multiflorum
"Hedysarum saxatile" - Onobrychis saxatilis
"Hedysarum scorpiurus" - Desmodium scorpiurus
"Hedysarum sericeum" - Lespedeza cuneata
"Hedysarum songoricum Bong." - Hedysarum songoricum
"Hedysarum spinosissimum f. cap" - Hedysarum glomeratum
"Hedysarum spinosissimum subsp." - Hedysarum glomeratum
"Hedysarum spirale" - Desmodium procumbens
"Hedysarum striatum" - Kummerowia striata
"Hedysarum strobiliferum" - Flemingia strobilifera
"Hedysarum subspinosum" - Eversmannia subspinosa
"Hedysarum supinum" - Desmodium incanum
"Hedysarum supinum" - Onobrychis supina
"Hedysarum tomentosum" - Lespedeza tomentosa
"Hedysarum tongolense" - Hedysarum tanguticum
"Hedysarum tortuosum" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Hedysarum tournefortii" - Onobrychis tournefortii
"Hedysarum triangulare" - Dendrolobium triangulare
"Hedysarum triflorum" - Desmodium triflorum
"Hedysarum tuberosum" - Pueraria tuberosa
"Hedysarum umbellatum" - Dendrolobium umbellatum
"Hedysarum uncinatum" - Desmodium uncinatum
"Hedysarum vaginale" - Alysicarpus vaginalis
"Hedysarum velutinum" - Desmodium velutinum
"Hedysarum villosum" - Lespedeza tomentosa
"Hedysarum violaceum" - Lespedeza violacea
"Hedysarum virgatum" - Lespedeza virgata

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