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"Indigofera angustifolia var. b" - Indigofera brachystachya
"Indigofera annua" - Microcharis annua
"Indigofera arenaria" - Indigofera disjuncta
"Indigofera argyraea" - Indigastrum argyraeum
"Indigofera argyroides" - Indigastrum argyroides
"Indigofera arrecta" - Indigofera pretoriana
"Indigofera bifrons" - Indigofera burchellii
"Indigofera burkeana" - Indigastrum burkeanum
"Indigofera cardiophylla" - Indigofera meyeriana
"Indigofera cavaleriei" - Indigofera atropurpurea
"Indigofera confusa" - Indigofera pretoriana
"Indigofera coriacea var. hirta" - Indigofera candolleana
"Indigofera cylindrica" - Indigofera frutescens
"Indigofera decora var. alba" - Indigofera decora
"Indigofera discolor" - Indigofera procumbens
"Indigofera dosua var. tomentos" - Indigofera dosua
"Indigofera echinata" - Indigofera nummulariifolia
"Indigofera endecaphylla" - Indigofera hendecaphylla
"Indigofera enneaphylla" - Indigofera linnaei
"Indigofera eriocarpa var. will" - Indigofera williamsonii
"Indigofera fairchildii" - Indigofera heudelotii
"Indigofera gerardiana" - Indigofera heterantha
"Indigofera gerrardiana" - Indigofera dregeana
"Indigofera heterantha var. ger" - Indigofera heterantha
"Indigofera incarnata" - Indigofera decora
"Indigofera indica" - Indigofera aspalathoides
"Indigofera leptosepala" - Indigofera miniata
"Indigofera leptosepala var. br" - Indigofera brevipes
"Indigofera leptostachya" - Indigofera cassioides
"Indigofera lobata" - Microcharis latifolia
"Indigofera longipes" - Indigofera tenuissima
"Indigofera macrostachya" - Indigofera kirilowii
"Indigofera malacostachys" - Indigofera melanadenia
"Indigofera mansuensis" - Indigofera galegoides
"Indigofera miniata var. leptos" - Indigofera miniata
"Indigofera mucronata" - Indigofera lespedezioides
"Indigofera neglecta" - Indigofera hendecaphylla
"Indigofera pascuorum" - Indigofera lespedezioides
"Indigofera patens" - Indigofera sessilifolia
"Indigofera paucifolia" - Indigofera oblongifolia
"Indigofera pauxilla" - Indigofera evansiana
"Indigofera pseudoindigofera" - Microcharis galpinii
"Indigofera pulchella" - Indigofera cassioides
"Indigofera remotiflora" - Microcharis remotiflora
"Indigofera rhodantha" - Indigofera hispida
"Indigofera richardsiae" - Microcharis angolensis
"Indigofera spicata" - Indigofera hendecaphylla
"Indigofera spinescens" - Indigofera nigromontana
"Indigofera stipularis" - Indigofera alpina
"Indigofera stricta" - Tephrosia stricta
"Indigofera teysmannii" - Indigofera zollingeriana
"Indigofera vestita" - Indigofera foliosa
"Indigofera viscosa" - Indigofera colutea
"Indigofera volubilis" - Rhynchosia precatoria
"Indigofera welwitschii var. re" - Microcharis remotiflora
"Microcharis pseudoindigofera" - Microcharis remotiflora

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