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"Justicia bowiei" - Justicia petiolaris ssp. bowiei
"Justicia brunelloides" - Nelsonia canescens
"Justicia callistachya" - Odontonema callistachyum
"Justicia campestris" - Justicia tweediana
"Justicia canescens" - Nelsonia canescens
"Justicia carthagenensis" - Adhatoda carthagenensis
"Justicia chinensis" - Dicliptera chinensis
"Justicia coccinea" - Odontonema tubaeforme
"Justicia coccinea" - Pachystachys coccinea
"Justicia cydoniifolia" - Adhatoda cydoniifolia
"Justicia depauperata" - Monechma depauperatum
"Justicia duvernoia" - Adhatoda duvernoia
"Justicia echioides" - Andrographis echioides
"Justicia gangetica" - Asystasia gangetica
"Justicia genistifolia" - Monechma genistifolium
"Justicia hirsuta" - Gonzalagunia spicata
"Justicia imbricata" - Elytraria imbricata
"Justicia infundibuliformis" - Crossandra infundibuliformis
"Justicia insularis" - Justicia kotschyi
"Justicia lorentziana" - Justicia tweediana
"Justicia magnifica" - Justicia carnea
"Justicia nasuta" - Rhinacanthus nasutus
"Justicia nitida" - Odontonema nitidum
"Justicia paniculata" - Andrographis paniculata
"Justicia pauciflora" - Justicia rizzinii
"Justicia pectinata" - Rungia pectinata
"Justicia polysperma" - Hygrophila polysperma
"Justicia repens" - Rungia repens
"Justicia rosea" - Eranthemum roseum
"Justicia spicata" - Pachystachys spicata
"Justicia suberecta" - Dicliptera suberecta
"Justicia tetragona" - Aphelandra tetragona
"Justicia thyrsiflora" - Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus
"Justicia tinctoria" - Peristrophe roxburghiana
"Justicia tubaeformis" - Odontonema tubaeforme
"Justicia tweediana" - Adhatoda tweediana

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