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"Kalanchoe aegyptiaca" - Kalanchoe deficiens
"Kalanchoe aliciae" - Kalanchoe pubescens
"Kalanchoe ambrensis" - Kalanchoe uniflora
"Kalanchoe antanosiana" - Kalanchoe orgyalis
"Kalanchoe baumii" - Kalanchoe brachyloba
"Kalanchoe brevicaulis" - Kalanchoe pumila
"Kalanchoe costantinii" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Kalanchoe crenata" - Kalanchoe laxiflora
"Kalanchoe faustii" - Kalanchoe laciniata
"Kalanchoe flammea" - Kalanchoe glaucescens
"Kalanchoe glandulosa" - Kalanchoe lanceolata
"Kalanchoe goetzei" - Kalanchoe lanceolata
"Kalanchoe gomphophylla" - Kalanchoe hildebrandtii
"Kalanchoe heterophylla" - Kalanchoe lanceolata
"Kalanchoe humbertii" - Kalanchoe lindmanii
"Kalanchoe integerrima" - Kalanchoe rotundifolia
"Kalanchoe integra" - Kalanchoe spathulata
"Kalanchoe integra var. verea" - Kalanchoe crenata
"Kalanchoe juelii" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Kalanchoe lugardii" - Kalanchoe prittwitzii
"Kalanchoe multiceps" - Kalanchoe pumila
"Kalanchoe nadyae" - Kalanchoe bracteata
"Kalanchoe pilosa" - Kalanchoe lanceolata
"Kalanchoe pinnata var. calcico" - Kalanchoe pinnata
"Kalanchoe prasina" - Kalanchoe humilis
"Kalanchoe scandens" - Kalanchoe beauverdii
"Kalanchoe schumacheri" - Kalanchoe crenata
"Kalanchoe somaliensis" - Kalanchoe marmorata
"Kalanchoe stapfii" - Kalanchoe peltata
"Kalanchoe subpeltata" - Kalanchoe miniata
"Kalanchoe sulphurea" - Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx
"Kalanchoe teretifolia" - Kalanchoe bentii
"Kalanchoe thyrsiflora" - Kalanchoe tetraphylla
"Kalanchoe thyrsiflora R L" - Kalanchoe tetraphylla Red Lobster
"Kalanchoe tsaratananensis" - Kalanchoe rolandi-bonapartei
"Kalanchoe tubiflora" - Kalanchoe delagonensis
"Kalanchoe van-tieghemii" - Kalanchoe beharensis
"Kalanchoe verticillata" - Kalanchoe delagonensis
"Kalanchoe zimbabwiensis" - Kalanchoe lateritia

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