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"Laurus aestivalis" - Lindera benzoin
"Laurus aggregata" - Lindera aggregata
"Laurus bejolghota" - Cinnamomum bejolghota
"Laurus benzoin" - Lindera benzoin
"Laurus bullata" - Ocotea bullata
"Laurus caerulea" - Persea caerulea
"Laurus camphora" - Cinnamomum camphora svs
"Laurus camphorata" - Cinnamomum camphora svs
"Laurus canariensis" - Apollonias barbujana
"Laurus cassia" - Neolitsea cassia
"Laurus catesbyana" - Nectandra coriacea
"Laurus cinnamomum" - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
"Laurus coriacea" - Nectandra coriacea
"Laurus foetens" - Ocotea foetens
"Laurus hihua" - Nectandra hihua
"Laurus indica" - Persea indica
"Laurus lingue" - Persea lingue
"Laurus longipes" - Persea longipes
"Laurus lucida" - Symplocos lucida
"Laurus melissifolia" - Lindera melissifolia
"Laurus nobilis 'Salicifolia'" - Laurus nobilis Angustifolia
"Laurus obtusifolia" - Cinnamomum bejolghota
"Laurus peumo" - Cryptocarya rubra
"Laurus sericea" - Neolitsea sericea
"Laurus sumatrensis" - Dryobalanops aromatica
"Laurus tamala" - Cinnamomum tamala
"Laurus tawa" - Beilschmiedia tawa
"Laurus triandra" - Licaria triandra
"Laurus winteriana" - Canella winteriana

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