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"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum" - Leucanthemum vulgare May Empress
"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum" - Leucanthemum vulgare
"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum" - Leucanthemum adustum
"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Al." - Leucanthemum superbum x Alaska
"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum C D" - Leucanthemum superbum x Crazy Daisy
"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Sil" - Leucanthemum superbum x Silver Princess
"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum SS" - Leucanthemum vulgare Silver Spoons
"Leucanthemum gayanum" - Rhodanthemum gayanum
"Leucanthemum Mawii" - Chrysanthemopsis gayana
"Leucanthemum maximum Marconi" - Leucanthemum superbum x Exhibition
"Leucanthemum nipponicum" - Nipponanthemum nipponicum
"Leucanthemum paludosum" - Mauranthemum paludosum
"Leucanthemum paludosum G." - Mauranthemum paludosum Giganteum
"Leucanthemum paludosum S." - Mauranthemum paludosum Select
"Leucanthemum paludosum Snow." - Mauranthemum paludosum Snowland dwarf
"Leucanthemum paludosum W R" - Mauranthemum paludosum White Ring
"Leucanthemum parthenium" - Tanacetum parthenium
"Leucanthemum vulgare f1 W K" - Leucanthemum superbum x White Knight
"Leucanthemum weyrichii" - Chrysanthemum weyrichii

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