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"Abies concolor v lowiana" - Abies concolor Lowiana Group
"Andrea sellowiana" - Andrea selloana
"Bigelowia acradenia" - Isocoma acradenia
"Bigelowia intricata" - Aster intricatus
"Britoa sellowiana" - Campomanesia guazumifolia
"Feijoa sellowiana" - Acca sellowiana
"Feijoa Sellowiana 'appollo'" - Acca sellowiana Appollo
"Feijoa Sellowiana 'Pineapple G" - Acca sellowiana Pineapple Gem
"Feijoa Sellowiana 'pineapple-" - Acca sellowiana Pineapple Gem
"Feijoa Sellowiana 'triumph'" - Acca sellowiana Triumph
"Feijoa Sellowiana 'unique'" - Acca sellowiana Unique
"Feijoa sellowians Coolidge" - Acca sellowiana Coolidge
"Henslowia frutescens" - Dendrotrophe varians
"Henslowia varians" - Dendrotrophe varians
"Lantana sellowiana" - Lantana montevidensis
"Lasiandra sellowiana" - Tibouchina sellowiana
"Lipocarpha sellowiana" - Lipocarpha humboldtiana
"Lobivia stilowiana" - Echinopsis stilowiana
"Lowia longiflora" - Orchidantha longiflora
"Orthostemon sellowianus" - Acca sellowiana
"Petunia sellowiana" - Calibrachoa sellowiana
"Scirpus sellowianus" - Eleocharis sellowiana

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