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"Achras lucuma" - Pouteria sapota svs
"Lucuma amygdalina" - Pouteria amygdalina
"Lucuma caimito" - Pouteria caimito
"Lucuma campechiana" - Pouteria campechiana svs
"Lucuma dominigensis" - Pouteria domingensis
"Lucuma durlandii" - Pouteria durlandii
"Lucuma dussiana" - Pouteria multiflora
"Lucuma gardneriana" - Pouteria gardneriana
"Lucuma hypoglauca" - Pouteria hypoglauca
"Lucuma keule" - Gomortega keule
"Lucuma macrocarpa" - Pouteria multiflora
"Lucuma mammosa" - Pouteria sapota svs
"Lucuma mammosa" - Manilkara zapota
"Lucuma multiflora" - Pouteria multiflora
"Lucuma neriifolia" - Pouteria salicifolia
"Lucuma nervosa" - Pouteria campechiana svs
"Lucuma obovata" - Pouteria obovata
"Lucuma obovata" - Pouteria lucuma
"Lucuma procera" - Pouteria procera
"Lucuma psammophila var. xestap" - Pouteria psammophila
"Lucuma rivicoa" - Pouteria macrophylla
"Lucuma rivicoa var. angustifol" - Pouteria campechiana svs
"Lucuma salicifolia" - Pouteria campechiana svs
"Lucuma serpentaria" - Pouteria domingensis
"Lucuma speciosa" - Pouteria speciosa
"Lucuma valenzuelana" - Manilkara valenzuelana

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