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"Aster anomalus" - Symphyotrichum anomalum
"Malus antonovka" - Malus pumila Antonovka
"Malus baccata v himalaica" - Malus rockii Rehd
"Malus baccata var. cerasifera" - Malus mandshurica
"Malus baccata var. mandshurica" - Malus mandshurica
"Malus baccata x prunifolia" - Malus robusta x
"Malus borowinka" - Malus pumila Borowinka
"Malus bracteata" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Malus cerasifera" - Malus mandshurica
"Malus communis" - Malus pumila
"Malus communis" - Malus sylvestris
"Malus communis northern" - Malus pumila northern prov. (USA)
"Malus coronaria var. dasycalyx" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Malus dasyphylla" - Malus pumila
"Malus diversifolia" - Malus fusca
"Malus docynioides" - Docynia indica
"Malus domestica" - Malus sylvestris prov. Germany stratified seed
"Malus formosana" - Malus doumeri
"Malus fragrans" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Malus fusca var. diversifolia" - Malus fusca
"Malus glabrata" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Malus glaucescens" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Malus lancifolia" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Malus laosensis" - Malus doumeri
"Malus niedzwetzkyana" - Malus pumila
"Malus paradisiaca" - Malus pumila
"Malus pumila Antonovka" - Malus pumila Antonovka
"Malus pumila Fuji" - Malus pumila Fuji
"Malus pumila R J" - Malus pumila Ralls Janet
"Malus pumila var. niedzwetzkya" - Malus pumila
"Malus pumila var. paradisiaca" - Malus pumila
"Malus punica" - Punica granatum
"Malus rivularis" - Malus fusca
"Malus sieboldii var. calocarpa" - Malus zumi
"Malus sieboldii var. zumi" - Malus zumi
"Malus spectabilis (Ait.)Borkh." - Malus spectabilis
"Malus sylvestris subsp. orient" - Malus orientalis
"Malus sylvestris var. niedzwet" - Malus pumila
"Malus theifera" - Malus hupehensis
"Malus toringoides" - Malus bhutanica
"Malus zumi var. calocarpa" - Malus zumi
"Pyrus malus" - Malus sylvestris
"Pyrus malus var. astracanica" - Malus sylvestris
"Pyrus malus var. paradisiaca" - Malus pumila
"Tithymalus crispus" - Euphorbia crispa
"Tithymalus ecklonii" - Euphorbia ecklonii
"Tithymalus grossheimii" - Euphorbia grossheimii
"Tithymalus macrocarpus" - Euphorbia lomelii

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