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"Mammillaria 'haasii'" - Mammillaria spinosissima Tejupilco
"Mammillaria albiarmata" - Mammillaria coahuilensis
"Mammillaria amajacensis IOS 12" - Mammillaria orcuttii
"Mammillaria apamensis v praten" - Mammillaria wiesingeri ssp. apamensis v. pratensis
"Mammillaria apozolensis" - Mammillaria petterssonii b
"Mammillaria apozolensis v salt" - Mammillaria petterssonii v. saltensis
"Mammillaria atroflorens IOS 0" - Mammillaria mystax
"Mammillaria aureiceps IOS 0110" - Mammillaria rhodantha ssp. rhodantha
"Mammillaria aureispina IOS 127" - Mammillaria rekoi ssp. aureispina Yolox-Quiotepec
"Mammillaria auriareolis IOS 0" - Mammillaria parkinsonii
"Mammillaria aurihamata IOS 011" - Mammillaria crinita ssp. leucantha
"Mammillaria balsasoides" - Mammillaria beneckei
"Mammillaria bombycina ssp pere" - Mammillaria perezdelarosae
"Mammillaria brauneana" - Mammillaria klissingiana aff. Lampasitos NL
"Mammillaria bravoae IOS 01121" - Mammillaria hahniana v. bravoae
"Mammillaria brevicrinita" - Mammillaria crinita ssp. leucantha v. brevicrinita
"Mammillaria buxbaumiana IOS 12" - Mammillaria densispina v. buxbaumiana
"Mammillaria calacantha" - Mammillaria rhodantha v. calacantha
"Mammillaria canelensis IOS 011" - Mammillaria standleyi v. canelensis
"Mammillaria centralifera" - Mammillaria compressa ssp. centralifera
"Mammillaria chionocephala" - Mammillaria formosa ssp. chionocephala
"Mammillaria craigii" - Mammillaria sonorensis Samachic Chih.
"Mammillaria dealbata" - Mammillaria haageana
"Mammillaria delaetiana" - Coryphantha delaetiana
"Mammillaria denudata" - Mammillaria lasiacantha b
"Mammillaria donatii" - Mammillaria haageana
"Mammillaria durispina" - Mammillaria polythele v. durispina
"Mammillaria echinoides" - Coryphantha echinoidea
"Mammillaria elegans" - Mammillaria haageana
"Mammillaria elegans" - Mammillaria geminispina
"Mammillaria elegans IOS 11706" - Mammillaria haageana v. elegans
"Mammillaria fasciculata IOS 11" - Mammillaria thornberi
"Mammillaria felipensis IOS 026" - Mammillaria bocasana felipensis
"Mammillaria fissurata" - Ariocarpus fissuratus fa intermedius cit
"Mammillaria fuscohamata IOS 09" - Mammillaria jaliscana ssp. jaliscana
"Mammillaria gasseriana" - Mammillaria stella-de-tubaya se. Cuencame Dur.
"Mammillaria gasseriana" - Mammillaria stella-de-tubaya Rodeo Dur.
"Mammillaria gasseriana" - Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Cuencame Dur.
"Mammillaria gasseriana" - Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya
"Mammillaria gasseriana b" - Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya b
"Mammillaria gasseriana T" - Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Torreon
"Mammillaria gilensis IOS 01174" - Mammillaria rettigiana
"Mammillaria glareosa" - Mammillaria brandegeei ssp. glareosa
"Mammillaria glassii" - Mammillaria glassii ssp. ascencionis Siberia NL
"Mammillaria graessneriana" - Neomammillaria graessneriana
"Mammillaria haasii IOS 12108" - Mammillaria spinosissima ssp. spinosissima v. haas
"Mammillaria hidalgensis f nudu" - Mammillaria polythele v. nuda
"Mammillaria horripila" - Turbinicarpus horripilus EU only
"Mammillaria insularis" - Mammillaria brachytrichion Gen. Escobedo Durango M
"Mammillaria insularis" - Mammillaria boolii Puerto el Portezuelo BC
"Mammillaria kewensis IOS 01195" - Mammillaria polythele ssp. polythele La Cruz Hgo.
"Mammillaria krasuckae" - Mammillaria rekoi La Reforma Oax.
"Mammillaria leona" - Mammillaria pottsii
"Mammillaria longiflora ssp tep" - Mammillaria tepexicensis
"Mammillaria longimamma var. sp" - Mammillaria sphaerica
"Mammillaria magallanii IOS 012" - Mammillaria lasiacantha v magallanii
"Mammillaria marcosi" - Mammillaria multihamata
"Mammillaria meiacantha" - Mammillaria heyderi ssp. meiacantha
"Mammillaria microcarpa MUG 19" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii MUG 194
"Mammillaria microcarpa A A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Avondale Az.
"Mammillaria microcarpa C C A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Coconino Co. Az
"Mammillaria microcarpa C S" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Caborca Son.
"Mammillaria microcarpa F J A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Florence Jct. A
"Mammillaria microcarpa H S" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Hermosillo Son.
"Mammillaria microcarpa IOS 099" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii
"Mammillaria microcarpa L H M A" - Mammillaria grahamii Little Horn Mountains Az.
"Mammillaria microcarpa N R M A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii New River Mts.
"Mammillaria microcarpa P C A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Pinal Co. Az.
"Mammillaria microcarpa P C A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Pima Co. Az.
"Mammillaria microcarpa P R R A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Painted Rock Ra
"Mammillaria microcarpa S A S" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Santa Ana Son.
"Mammillaria microcarpa S D C" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii San Diego Ca.
"Mammillaria microcarpa S S" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Sonoita Son.
"Mammillaria microcarpa ssp g." - Mammillaria grahamii
"Mammillaria microcarpa ssp. al" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii MUG 190
"Mammillaria microcarpa T A" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. grahamii Tucson Az.
"Mammillaria microthele" - Mammillaria formosa
"Mammillaria microthele IOS 012" - Mammillaria formosa ssp. microthele
"Mammillaria microthele L T S" - Mammillaria formosa Las Tablas SLP
"Mammillaria microthele P de G" - Mammillaria formosa Presa de Guadalupe SB34
"Mammillaria microthele v super" - Mammillaria formosa v. superfina
"Mammillaria neomystax" - Mammillaria karwinskiana ssp. karwinskiana
"Mammillaria nivosa" - Mammillaria flavescens v. nivosa
"Mammillaria obconella" - Mammillaria polythele ssp. obconella n. Zimapan Hg
"Mammillaria obscura IOS 01246" - Mammillaria petterssonii v. obscura
"Mammillaria occidentalis" - Mammillaria mazatlanensis Barra de Navidad Col.
"Mammillaria occidentalis" - Mammillaria mazatlanensis
"Mammillaria ottonis" - Coryphantha ottonis
"Mammillaria papyracanthus" - Sclerocactus papyracanthus
"Mammillaria phaeacantha" - Neomammillaria phaeacantha Ixmiquilpan Hgo.
"Mammillaria phitauiana IOS 02" - Mammillaria verhaertiana
"Mammillaria phitauiana R L B" - Mammillaria verhaertiana Rancho Labuerra Baja
"Mammillaria phitauiana S B" - Mammillaria verhaertiana San Bartolo
"Mammillaria phitauiana S J C" - Mammillaria verhaertiana San Jose del Cabo
"Mammillaria pilcayensis IOS 01" - Mammillaria spinosissima ssp. pilcayensis
"Mammillaria prolifera ssp hait" - Mammillaria prolifera ssp. prolifera
"Mammillaria rhodantha ssp Prin" - Mammillaria pringlei
"Mammillaria ritteriana" - Mammillaria formosa ssp. chionocephala Charco Blan
"Mammillaria ritteriana H" - Mammillaria formosa ssp. chionocephala Huizache
"Mammillaria ritteriana S A NL" - Mammillaria formosa ssp. chionocephala Santa Ana N
"Mammillaria ritteriana s H SLP" - Mammillaria formosa ssp. chionocephala s Huizache
"Mammillaria robustispina" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Mammillaria roseocentra L" - Mammillaria lasiacantha Lerdo
"Mammillaria roseocentra S P C" - Mammillaria lasiacantha San Pedro de las Colonias
"Mammillaria roseocentra V C" - Mammillaria lasiacantha Viesca Coah.
"Mammillaria roseocentra v f p " - Mammillaria lasiacantha very few pink spines
"Mammillaria ruestii" - Mammillaria columbiana ssp. yucatanensis
"Mammillaria saffordii" - Mammillaria carretii
"Mammillaria saffordii v rosa" - Mammillaria carretii v. rosa
"Mammillaria sanjuanensis" - Mammillaria rekoi San Juan Oax.
"Mammillaria santaclarensis" - Mammillaria barbata
"Mammillaria shurliana IOS 0128" - Mammillaria blossfeldiana
"Mammillaria slevinii P S I" - Mammillaria albicans ssp. albicans Punta San Indro
"Mammillaria slevinii S J C" - Mammillaria albicans ssp. albicans S J del Costa B
"Mammillaria sulcolanata" - Coryphantha sulcolanata
"Mammillaria swinglei" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp. sheldonii v. swinglei
"Mammillaria tetracantha v gale" - Mammillaria polythele v. galeotti
"Mammillaria tezontle IOS 12111" - Mammillaria crinita ssp. leucantha Ventura SLP
"Mammillaria uberiformis" - Mammillaria longimamma v. uberiformis
"Mammillaria vaupelii" - Mammillaria haageana
"Mammillaria vaupelii v flavisp" - Mammillaria haageana v. flavispina
"Mammillaria venusta" - Mammillaria schumannii
"Mammillaria venusta C R" - Mammillaria schumannii Cap-Region BC
"Mammillaria viereckii" - Mammillaria picta Aramberri NL Mx.
"Mammillaria yucatanensis" - Mammillaria columbiana ssp. yucatanensis
"Neomammillaria dealbata" - Mammillaria haageana
"Neomammillaria donatii" - Mammillaria haageana
"Neomammillaria elongata" - Mammillaria elongata
"Neomammillaria halbingeri ?" - Mammillaria halbingeri (name unresolved)
"Neomammillaria karwinskiana" - Mammillaria karwinskiana
"Neomammillaria mystax" - Mammillaria mystax
"Neomammillaria pacifica ?" - Mammillaria pacifica (name unresolved)
"Neomammillaria phitauiana" - Mammillaria verhaertiana
"Neomammillaria prolifera" - Mammillaria prolifera
"Neomammillaria ruestii" - Mammillaria ruestii

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