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"Citrus medica" - Citrus limon
"Citrus medica var. alata" - Citrus alata
"Citrus medica var. limon" - Citrus limon
"Citrus medica var. nana" - Citrus nana
"Citrus medica var. odorata" - Citrus odorata
"Lotus medicaginoides" - Medicago medicaginoides
"Medica italica" - Medicago italica
"Medicago agrestis" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago arabica subsp. inermi" - Medicago arabica
"Medicago arcuata" - Medicago medicaginoides
"Medicago aschersoniana" - Medicago laciniata
"Medicago caerulea var. paucifl" - Medicago sativa
"Medicago cinerascens" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago cordata" - Medicago arabica
"Medicago corrugata" - Medicago italica
"Medicago cuneata" - Medicago orbicularis
"Medicago decandollei" - Medicago muricoleptis
"Medicago echinus" - Medicago intertexta bs
"Medicago elegans" - Medicago rugosa
"Medicago galilaea" - Medicago granadensis
"Medicago gerardii" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago globosa" - Medicago constricta
"Medicago helix" - Medicago italica
"Medicago helix var. spinulosa" - Medicago italica
"Medicago hispida" - Medicago polymorpha bs
"Medicago intertexta subsp. cil" - Medicago ciliaris
"Medicago intertexta var. cilia" - Medicago ciliaris
"Medicago intertexta var. decan" - Medicago muricoleptis
"Medicago karatschaica" - Medicago sativa
"Medicago laciniata subsp. schi" - Medicago laciniata
"Medicago laciniata var. brachy" - Medicago laciniata
"Medicago lavrenkoi" - Medicago sativa
"Medicago maculata" - Medicago arabica
"Medicago marginata" - Medicago orbicularis
"Medicago meyeri" - Medicago minima
"Medicago minima var. brachyodo" - Medicago minima
"Medicago minima var. brevispin" - Medicago minima
"Medicago minima var. minima" - Medicago minima
"Medicago morisiana" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago murex f. sorrentini" - Medicago murex
"Medicago murex f. sphaerocarpo" - Medicago murex
"Medicago murex var. inermis" - Medicago murex
"Medicago muricata" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago obscura" - Medicago italica
"Medicago obscura subsp. helix" - Medicago italica
"Medicago obscura var. aculeata" - Medicago italica
"Medicago obscura var. rugulosa" - Medicago italica
"Medicago orbicularis var. marg" - Medicago orbicularis
"Medicago orbicularis var. micr" - Medicago orbicularis
"Medicago pauciflora" - Medicago sativa
"Medicago polymorpha var. arabi" - Medicago arabica
"Medicago polymorpha var. cilia" - Medicago ciliaris
"Medicago polymorpha var. coron" - Medicago coronata
"Medicago polymorpha var. inter" - Medicago intertexta bs
"Medicago polymorpha var. lacin" - Medicago laciniata
"Medicago polymorpha var. minim" - Medicago minima
"Medicago polymorpha var. muric" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago polymorpha var. orbic" - Medicago orbicularis
"Medicago polymorpha var. rigid" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago polymorpha var. scute" - Medicago scutellata
"Medicago polymorpha var. torna" - Medicago italica
"Medicago polymorpha var. tuber" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago polymorpha var. turbi" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago pubescens" - Medicago edgeworthii
"Medicago rigidula" - Medicago rigiduloides
"Medicago rigidula var. agresti" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago rigidula var. cineras" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago rigidula var. morisia" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago rigidula var. submiti" - Medicago rigidula
"Medicago sativa var. pilifera" - Medicago sativa
"Medicago sessilis" - Medicago minima
"Medicago sorrentini" - Medicago murex
"Medicago sphaerocarpos" - Medicago murex
"Medicago sphaerocarpos var. in" - Medicago murex
"Medicago striata" - Medicago italica
"Medicago tornata" - Medicago italica
"Medicago tornata var. aculeata" - Medicago italica
"Medicago tornata var. rugulosa" - Medicago italica
"Medicago tornata var. shepardi" - Medicago shepardii
"Medicago tornata var. spinulos" - Medicago italica
"Medicago tornata var. striata" - Medicago italica
"Medicago tribuloides" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago tribuloides var. brev" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago truncatula f. tricycl" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago truncatula var. brevi" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago truncatula var. longi" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago truncatula var. tribu" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago truncatula var. tricy" - Medicago truncatula
"Medicago tuberculata" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago tuberculata var. acul" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago tuberculata var. chio" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago turbinata var. aculea" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago turbinata var. apicul" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago turbinata var. chioti" - Medicago turbinata
"Medicago virginica" - Lespedeza virginica
"Smilax medica" - Smilax aristolochiifolia

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