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"Meibomia adscendens" - Desmodium adscendens
"Meibomia barbata" - Desmodium barbatum
"Meibomia cana" - Desmodium incanum
"Meibomia cephalotes" - Dendrolobium triangulare
"Meibomia conferta" - Desmodium confertum
"Meibomia discolor" - Desmodium discolor
"Meibomia elegans" - Phyllodium elegans
"Meibomia floribunda" - Desmodium multiflorum
"Meibomia gangetica" - Desmodium gangeticum
"Meibomia gyroides" - Codariocalyx gyroides
"Meibomia hassleri" - Desmodium hassleri
"Meibomia heterophylla" - Desmodium heterophyllum
"Meibomia hirta" - Desmodium hirtum
"Meibomia hjalmarsonii" - Desmodium intortum
"Meibomia illinoensis" - Desmodium illinoense
"Meibomia japonica" - Desmodium podocarpum
"Meibomia laburnifolia" - Desmodium caudatum
"Meibomia lasiocarpa" - Desmodium velutinum
"Meibomia leiocarpos" - Desmodium leiocarpon
"Meibomia lunata" - Desmodium purpusii
"Meibomia mauritiana" - Desmodium incanum
"Meibomia maxonii" - Desmodium maxonii
"Meibomia mollis" - Desmodium glabrum
"Meibomia oldhamii" - Desmodium oldhamii
"Meibomia parvifolia" - Desmodium microphyllum
"Meibomia pulchella" - Phyllodium pulchellum
"Meibomia purpurea" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Meibomia rensonii" - Desmodium nicaraguense
"Meibomia riedelii" - Desmodium riedelii
"Meibomia sequax" - Desmodium sequax
"Meibomia stipulacea" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Meibomia supina" - Desmodium incanum
"Meibomia tortuosa" - Desmodium tortuosum
"Meibomia triflora" - Desmodium triflorum
"Meibomia umbellata" - Dendrolobium umbellatum
"Meibomia uncinata" - Desmodium uncinatum

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