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"Bromelia ananas" - Ananas comosus
"Bromelia bracteata" - Aechmea bracteata
"Bromelia carolinae" - Neoregelia carolinae
"Bromelia comosa" - Ananas comosus
"Bromelia landbeckii" - Greigia landbeckii
"Bromelia longifolia" - Aechmea longifolia
"Bromelia nudicaulis" - Aechmea nudicaulis
"Bromelia sagenaria" - Pseudananas sagenarius
"Bromelia sphacelata" - Greigia sphacelata
"Bromelia tristis" - Neoregelia tristis
"Bromelia variegata" - Neoglaziovia variegata
"Bromelia zebrina" - Billbergia zebrina
"Bumelia celastrina" - Sideroxylon celastrinum
"Bumelia dulcifica" - Synsepalum dulcificum
"Bumelia laetevirens" - Sideroxylon palmeri
"Bumelia lanuginosa" - Sideroxylon lanuginosum
"Bumelia lycioides" - Sideroxylon lycioides
"Bumelia obovata" - Sideroxylon obovatum
"Bumelia palmeri" - Sideroxylon palmeri
"Bumelia salicifolia" - Sideroxylon salicifolium
"Bumelia spiniflora" - Sideroxylon celastrinum
"Bumelia tenax" - Sideroxylon tenax
"Chomelia asiatica" - Tarenna asiatica
"Chomelia sylvicola" - Chione sylvicola
"Hamelia coccinea" - Hamelia patens
"Hamelia erecta" - Hamelia patens
"Hamelia grandiflora" - Hamelia patens
"Hamelia sphaerocarpa" - Hamelia patens
"Hypericum rumelianum" - Hypericum rumeliacum
"Melia azadirachta" - Azadirachta indica vsvs
"Melia azedarach" - Melia azedarach v. toosendan
"Melia azedarach var. japonica" - Melia azedarach
"Melia baccifera" - Cipadessa baccifera
"Melia excelsa" - Azadirachta excelsa
"Melia indica" - Azadirachta indica vsvs
"Melia japonica" - Melia azedarach
"Melia koetjape" - Sandoricum koetjape
"Melia sempervirens" - Melia azedarach
"Melia toosendan" - Melia azedarach
"Melianthus minor" - Melianthus elongatus
"Melianthus minor" - Melianthus comosus
"Melianthus pectinatus" - Melianthus elongatus
"Trachelium rumelianum" - Trachelium jacquinii ssp rumelianum

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