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"Mentha arvensis f. glabrata" - Mentha canadensis
"Mentha arvensis f. piperascens" - Mentha canadensis
"Mentha arvensis var. glabrata" - Mentha canadensis
"Mentha arvensis var. piperasce" - Mentha canadensis
"Mentha austriaca" - Mentha arvensis
"Mentha citrata" - Mentha aquatica
"Mentha corditalia x" - Mentha cordifolia x
"Mentha gentilis" - Mentha arvensis
"Mentha gracilis" - Mentha gentilis x Austrian Mint
"Mentha gracilis V M" - Mentha gentilis x Vietnamese Mint
"Mentha gracilis Variegata" - Mentha gentilis x Variegata
"Mentha hirsuta" - Mentha aquatica
"Mentha longifolia var. asiatic" - Mentha asiatica
"Mentha longifolia x M. suaveol" - Mentha spicata
"Mentha palustris" - Mentha aquatica
"Mentha pulegium 'Nanum'" - Mentha pulegium Nanum low creeping form
"Mentha pulegium var. micrantha" - Mentha micrantha
"Mentha raripila" - Mentha smithiana x
"Mentha rotundifolia" - Mentha suaveolens Bowles Applemint
"Mentha rotundifolia (err)" - Mentha villosa x v alopecuroides
"Mentha rotundifolia x" - Mentha suaveolens Bowles Applemint
"Mentha spicata var. ciliata" - Mentha spicata
"Mentha spicata var. crispa" - Mentha cordifolia
"Mentha spicata var. viridis" - Mentha spicata
"Mentha suaveolens x pip.G.M." - Mentha sp. unident. Grapefruit Mint
"Mentha suaveolens x spicata" - Mentha cordifolia x
"Mentha sylvestris" - Mentha longifolia
"Mentha viridis" - Mentha spicata
"Mentha viridis" - Mentha spicata for micro mint
"Mentha x villosa var. cordifol" - Mentha spicata

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