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"Musa acuninata ssp. acuminata" - Musa acuminata
"Musa arnoldiana" - Ensete ventricosum svs
"Musa bihai" - Heliconia bihai
"Musa cavendishii" - Musa acuminata
"Musa chinensis" - Musa acuminata
"Musa coccinea" - Musa uranoscopus
"Musa ensete" - Ensete ventricosum svs
"Musa fehi" - Musa troglodytarum
"Musa gilletii" - Ensete gilletii
"Musa glauca" - Ensete glaucum
"Musa hookeri" - Musa sikkimensis
"Musa hookeri R F" - Musa sikkimensis Red Flash - Tiger
"Musa martretiana" - Ensete gilletii
"Musa nana" - Musa acuminata
"Musa rojo" - Musa acuminata Sumatrana
"Musa rosacea" - Musa ornata
"Musa sapientum" - Musa paradisiaca x
"Musa sinensis" - Musa acuminata
"Musa superba" - Ensete superbum
"Musa thomsonii" - Musa thomsonii
"Musa ventricosa" - Ensete ventricosum svs
"Musa zebrina" - Musa acuminata
"Musa zebrina" - Musa acuminata Sumatrana
"Musanga smithii" - Musanga cecropioides
"Tillandsia musaica" - Guzmania musaica

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