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"Nemcia atropurpurea" - Gastrolobium leakeanum
"Nemcia capitata" - Gastrolobium capitatum
"Nemcia carinata" - Gastrolobium reticulatum
"Nemcia coriacea" - Gastrolobium coriaceum
"Nemcia cuneata" - Nemcia dilatata
"Nemcia epacridoides" - Gastrolobium epacridoides
"Nemcia ilicifolium v lobatum" - Nemcia ilicifolia
"Nemcia leakeana" - Gastrolobium leakeanum
"Nemcia reticulata" - Gastrolobium nervosum
"Nemcia retusa" - Gastrolobium retusum
"Nemcia spathulata" - Gastrolobium spathulatum
"Nemcia spathulata v latifolia" - Gastrolobium spathulatum

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