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"Nicotiana acutiflora" - Nicotiana longiflora
"Nicotiana affinis / alata Tink" - Nicotiana sanderae f2 Tinkerbells Mixture dwarf
"Nicotiana affinis L G" - Nicotiana alata Lime Green
"Nicotiana affinis S W" - Nicotiana alata Sweet Scented White
"Nicotiana affinis Sens. M." - Nicotiana alata Sensation Mixed - Daylight Sensati
"Nicotiana alata / affinis x" - Nicotiana sanderae f1 Heaven Scent Mixed
"Nicotiana angustifolia var. cr" - Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
"Nicotiana arborea" - Nicotiana glauca
"Nicotiana axillaris" - Petunia axillaris
"Nicotiana bigelovii v q" - Nicotiana quadrivalvis
"Nicotiana chinensis" - Nicotiana tabacum
"Nicotiana crispa" - Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
"Nicotiana eastii" - Nicotiana suaveolens
"Nicotiana exigua" - Nicotiana suaveolens
"Nicotiana nesophila" - Nicotiana stocktonii
"Nicotiana palmeri" - Nicotiana obtusifolia
"Nicotiana plumbaginifolia var." - Nicotiana quadrivalvis
"Nicotiana rotundifolia subsp. " - Nicotiana rotundifolia
"Nicotiana stenocarpa" - Nicotiana rosulata
"Nicotiana suaveolens var. exce" - Nicotiana excelsior
"Nicotiana tabacum var. macroph" - Nicotiana tabacum
"Nicotiana trigonophylla" - Nicotiana obtusifolia

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