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"Geranium oenothera" - Pelargonium oenothera
"Oenothera acutifolia" - Oenothera biennis
"Oenothera ammophila" - Oenothera oakesiana
"Oenothera arcuata" - Clarkia arcuata
"Oenothera atrovirens" - Oenothera parviflora
"Oenothera austromontana" - Oenothera nutans
"Oenothera berlandieri" - Oenothera speciosa
"Oenothera berteroana" - Oenothera affinis
"Oenothera biennis" - Onagra biennis
"Oenothera biennis subsp. austr" - Oenothera nutans
"Oenothera biennis var. sulfure" - Oenothera biennis
"Oenothera bifrons" - Oenothera heterophylla
"Oenothera biloba" - Clarkia biloba
"Oenothera blandina" - Oenothera glazioviana
"Oenothera caespitosa v longifl" - Oenothera longiflora
"Oenothera campylocalyx" - Oenothera versicolor Sunset Boulevard
"Oenothera cheiranthifolia" - Camissonia cheiranthifolia
"Oenothera chicagoensis" - Oenothera biennis
"Oenothera childsii" - Oenothera speciosa
"Oenothera claviformis" - Camissonia claviformis
"Oenothera contorta" - Camissonia contorta
"Oenothera cruciata" - Oenothera parviflora
"Oenothera curvifolia" - Oenothera scabra
"Oenothera densiflora" - Epilobium densiflorum
"Oenothera erythrosepala" - Oenothera glazioviana
"Oenothera fruticosa ssp glauca" - Kneiffia tetragona
"Oenothera fruticosa ssp glauca" - Oenothera tetragona
"Oenothera fruticosa ssp glauca" - Oenothera tetragona Blood Orange
"Oenothera fruticulosa ssp glau" - Kneiffia glauca Erica Robin
"Oenothera gigas" - Oenothera glazioviana
"Oenothera glauca" - Kneiffia glauca
"Oenothera gracilis" - Oenothera perennis
"Oenothera hookeri" - Oenothera elata ssp hookeri
"Oenothera hookeri subsp. wolfi" - Oenothera wolfii
"Oenothera johnsonii" - Oenothera primiveris
"Oenothera laciniata subsp. flo" - Oenothera laciniata
"Oenothera laciniata subsp. lac" - Oenothera laciniata
"Oenothera laciniata subsp. pub" - Oenothera pubescens
"Oenothera laciniata subsp. tex" - Oenothera laciniata
"Oenothera laciniata var. limen" - Oenothera arequipensis
"Oenothera lamarckiana" - Oenothera glazioviana
"Oenothera lipsiensis" - Oenothera parviflora
"Oenothera longifolia L S (err" - Oenothera Lemon Sunset
"Oenothera missouriensis" - Oenothera macrocarpa
"Oenothera muricata" - Oenothera biennis
"Oenothera odorata cream" - Oenothera stricta cream form
"Oenothera odorata Lemon Sunset" - Oenothera odorata Apricot Delight
"Oenothera odorata R." - Oenothera stricta Rubens
"Oenothera odorata Sulphurea" - Oenothera odorata Apricot Delight
"Oenothera ovata" - Camissonia ovata
"Oenothera parviflora subsp. an" - Oenothera parviflora
"Oenothera primiveris subsp. pr" - Oenothera primiveris
"Oenothera pumila" - Oenothera perennis
"Oenothera pusilla" - Oenothera perennis
"Oenothera rubricaulis" - Oenothera biennis
"Oenothera serrulata" - Calylophus serrulatus
"Oenothera stricta Sulphurea" - Oenothera odorata Apricot Delight
"Oenothera suaveolens" - Oenothera biennis
"Oenothera syrticola" - Oenothera oakesiana
"Oenothera taraxacifolia" - Oenothera acaulis Aurea
"Oenothera tetragona" - Oenothera fruticosa Youngii
"Oenothera tetragona" - Kneiffia tetragona
"Oenothera torreyi" - Epilobium torreyi
"Oenothera toumeyi" - Oenothera hartwegii v toumeyi

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