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"Ophthalmophyllum australe" - Conophytum australe
"Ophthalmophyllum australe" - Conophytum australe Banke Platbakkies
"Ophthalmophyllum australe" - Conophytum australe Kliprand
"Ophthalmophyllum dinteri" - Conophytum dinteri
"Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae" - Conophytum friedrichiae
"Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae" - Conophytum friedrichiae CM10
"Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae" - Conophytum friedrichiae 10k. s Kakamas
"Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae" - Conophytum friedrichiae Witsand Warmbad
"Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae" - Conophytum friedrichiae 50k. se Kenhardt
"Ophthalmophyllum friedriciae" - Conophytum friedrichiae Tantalite Valley
"Ophthalmophyllum haramoepense" - Conophytum haramoepense e Naip
"Ophthalmophyllum haramoepense" - Conophytum haramoepense Naip
"Ophthalmophyllum haramoepense" - Conophytum haramoepense Koiepoort
"Ophthalmophyllum haramoepense" - Conophytum haramoepense Concordia
"Ophthalmophyllum haramoepense" - Conophytum haramoepense Rosynebos Flats
"Ophthalmophyllum herrei" - Conophytum herrei Breekport
"Ophthalmophyllum latum" - Conophytum latum Umdaus Tl.
"Ophthalmophyllum latum K" - Conophytum latum SB1108 Klipbok
"Ophthalmophyllum latum U" - Conophytum latum Umdaus
"Ophthalmophyllum latum K" - Conophytum latum Klipbok
"Ophthalmophyllum latum se.E." - Conophytum latum se Eksteenfontein
"Ophthalmophyllum littlewoodii" - Conophytum littlewoodii aff. Solomons Rock Aribes
"Ophthalmophyllum littlewoodii" - Conophytum littlewoodii 7k. n Jakkalswater
"Ophthalmophyllum longum" - Conophytum longum Eenriet
"Ophthalmophyllum longum U" - Conophytum longum SH463 Umdaus
"Ophthalmophyllum lydiae S" - Conophytum lydiae 38k. se Springbok
"Ophthalmophyllum m." - Conophytum maughanii Nous-se-Poort b
"Ophthalmophyllum m. W." - Conophytum maughanii Witsand Namibia
"Ophthalmophyllum maughanii" - Conophytum maughanii Achab
"Ophthalmophyllum maughanii ssp" - Conophytum maughanii ssp armeniacum Bontkoei
"Ophthalmophyllum mixed" - Conophytum Ophthalophyllum mix
"Ophthalmophyllum praesectum" - Conophytum littlewoodii Jakkalswater
"Ophthalmophyllum rufescens" - Conophytum maughanii Achab
"Ophthalmophyllum spathulatum" - Conophytum spathulatum Kangnas flats
"Ophthalmophyllum triebneri" - Conophytum triebneri
"Ophthalmophyllum verrucosum" - Conophytum verrucosum Kouberg
"Ophthalmophyllum verrucosum" - Conophytum verrucosum

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