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"Persicaria affinis" - Polygonum affine
"Persicaria amphibia" - Polygonum amphibium
"Persicaria amplexicaulis" - Bistorta amplexicaulis
"Persicaria bistortoides" - Bistorta bistortoides
"Persicaria cespitosum" - Persicaria posumbu
"Persicaria densiflora" - Persicaria glabra
"Persicaria maculata" - Polygonum persicaria
"Persicaria maculosa" - Polygonum persicaria
"Persicaria milletii" - Polygonum milletii
"Persicaria nodosa" - Polygonum nodosum
"Persicaria pensylvanica" - Polygonum pensylvanicum
"Persicaria polymorpha" - Polygonum polymorphum
"Persicaria polystachya" - Persicaria wallichii
"Persicaria salicifolia" - Persicaria decipiens
"Persicaria vacciniifolia" - Bistorta vacciniifolia
"Persicaria virginiana" - Polygonum virginianum Painters Pallette
"Persicaria virginiana" - Polygonum virginianum
"Persicaria virginiana Varieg." - Polygonum virginianum Variegatum
"Persicaria wallichii" - Polygonum polystachyum
"Persicaria weyrichii" - Polygonum weyrichii
"Polygonum persicaria" - Persicaria maculosa

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