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"Phaseolus aconitifolius" - Vigna aconitifolia
"Phaseolus adenanthus" - Vigna adenantha
"Phaseolus anisotrichus subsp. " - Phaseolus pluriflorus
"Phaseolus antillanus" - Vigna antillana
"Phaseolus atropurpureus" - Macroptilium atropurpureum
"Phaseolus aureus" - Vigna radiata Mung Bean
"Phaseolus bolivianus" - Phaseolus augusti
"Phaseolus bracteatus" - Macroptilium bracteatum
"Phaseolus brevicalyx" - Phaseolus micranthus
"Phaseolus calcaratus" - Vigna umbellata
"Phaseolus campestris" - Macroptilium gracile
"Phaseolus candidus" - Vigna candida
"Phaseolus caracalla" - Vigna caracalla
"Phaseolus coccineus" - Phaseolus vulgaris Tarahumara Bordal
"Phaseolus Coccineus 'tara.tek" - Phaseolus vulgaris Tarahumara Tekomari
"Phaseolus coccineus subsp. dar" - Phaseolus dumosus
"Phaseolus coccineus subsp. gla" - Phaseolus glabellus
"Phaseolus coccineus subsp. pol" - Phaseolus dumosus
"Phaseolus dalzellianus" - Vigna dalzelliana
"Phaseolus elegans" - Vigna elegans
"Phaseolus erythroloma" - Macroptilium erythroloma
"Phaseolus floribundus" - Phaseolus pedicellatus
"Phaseolus fraterna" - Macroptilium fraternum
"Phaseolus gibbosifolius" - Macroptilium gibbosifolium
"Phaseolus glaber" - Vigna glabrescens
"Phaseolus gracilis" - Macroptilium gracile
"Phaseolus grahamianus" - Wajira grahamiana
"Phaseolus grandis" - Dysolobium grande
"Phaseolus helvolus" - Strophostyles helvula
"Phaseolus heterophyllus" - Macroptilium gibbosifolium
"Phaseolus hirsutus" - Vigna lasiocarpa
"Phaseolus kirkii" - Vigna kirkii
"Phaseolus lasiocarpus" - Vigna lasiocarpa
"Phaseolus lathyroides" - Macroptilium lathyroides
"Phaseolus leiospermus" - Strophostyles leiosperma
"Phaseolus leptostachyus var. i" - Phaseolus leptostachyus
"Phaseolus leucanthus" - Phaseolus dumosus
"Phaseolus longifolius" - Vigna longifolia
"Phaseolus longipedunculatus" - Macroptilium gracile
"Phaseolus macrorhynchus" - Wajira grahamiana
"Phaseolus marinus" - Vigna marina
"Phaseolus martii" - Macroptilium martii
"Phaseolus max" - Glycine max
"Phaseolus metcalfei" - Phaseolus maculatus
"Phaseolus minimus" - Vigna minima
"Phaseolus panduratus" - Macroptilium panduratum
"Phaseolus pauciflorus" - Strophostyles leiosperma
"Phaseolus pedicellatus var. gr" - Phaseolus grayanus
"Phaseolus pedicellatus var. oa" - Phaseolus oaxacanus
"Phaseolus pedicellatus var. pe" - Phaseolus pedicellatus
"Phaseolus pedicellatus var. pu" - Phaseolus purpusii
"Phaseolus pilosus" - Vigna lasiocarpa
"Phaseolus polyanthus" - Phaseolus dumosus
"Phaseolus prostratus" - Macroptilium prostratum
"Phaseolus psammodes" - Macroptilium psammodes
"Phaseolus radiatus" - Vigna radiata Mung Bean
"Phaseolus rigidus" - Vigna speciosa
"Phaseolus sabaraensis" - Macroptilium sabaraense
"Phaseolus schottii" - Vigna longifolia
"Phaseolus semierectus" - Macroptilium lathyroides
"Phaseolus semierectus var. ang" - Macroptilium lathyroides
"Phaseolus sempervirens" - Phaseolus jaliscanus
"Phaseolus speciosus" - Vigna speciosa
"Phaseolus spectabilis" - Vigna spectabilis
"Phaseolus supinus" - Macroptilium supinum
"Phaseolus trichocarpus" - Vigna longifolia
"Phaseolus trilobatus" - Vigna trilobata
"Phaseolus trilobus" - Vigna trilobata
"Phaseolus tuberosus" - Macroptilium gibbosifolium
"Phaseolus umbellatus" - Strophostyles umbellata
"Phaseolus wrightii" - Phaseolus filiformis
"Phaseolus xanthotrichus var. z" - Phaseolus zimapanensis

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