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"Picea abies f. argenteo-spica" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. columnaris" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. finedonensis" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. gregoryana" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. inversa" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. pygmaea" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. pyramidata" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. veitchii" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. viminalis" - Picea abies
"Picea abies f. virgata" - Picea abies
"Picea alba" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Picea albertiana" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Picea asperata v retroflexa" - Picea retroflexa
"Picea balfouriana" - Picea likiangensis
"Picea brachytyla f. latisquama" - Picea brachytyla
"Picea canadensis" - Tsuga canadensis
"Picea canadensis" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Picea concolor" - Abies concolor
"Picea excelsa" - Picea abies
"Picea excelsa f. veitchii" - Picea abies
"Picea excelsa var. argenteo-sp" - Picea abies
"Picea excelsa var. pyramidata" - Picea abies
"Picea glauca f. aurea" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Picea glauca v densata" - Picea albertiana
"Picea glauca var. conica" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Picea grandis" - Abies grandis inland strain
"Picea koyamae v koraiensis" - Picea koraiensis
"Picea mongolica" - Picea meyeri
"Picea morinda" - Picea smithiana
"Picea morindoides" - Picea spinulosa
"Picea obovata var. schrenkiana" - Picea schrenkiana
"Picea orientalis" - Picea orientalis Nutans
"Picea pungens f. argentea" - Picea pungens
"Picea pungens f. glauca" - Picea pungens
"Picea pungens Misty Blue" - Picea pungens Glauca Majestica
"Picea pungens var. glauca" - Picea pungens
"Picea sitchensis x glauca" - Picea lutzii x
"Picea torano" - Picea polita

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