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"Pithecellobium acle" - Albizia acle
"Pithecellobium adinocephalum" - Albizia adinocephala
"Pithecellobium albicans" - Havardia albicans
"Pithecellobium altissimum" - Albizia altissima
"Pithecellobium auaremotemo" - Abarema cochliacarpos
"Pithecellobium barbouriana" - Abarema barbouriana
"Pithecellobium berteroanum" - Albizia berteroana
"Pithecellobium bigeminum" - Archidendron bigeminum
"Pithecellobium brevifolium" - Havardia pallens
"Pithecellobium campestre" - Abarema campestris
"Pithecellobium carbonarium" - Albizia carbonaria
"Pithecellobium caribaeum" - Albizia niopoides
"Pithecellobium claviflorum" - Zygia claviflora
"Pithecellobium cochliocarpon" - Abarema cochliacarpos
"Pithecellobium collinum" - Zygia collina
"Pithecellobium compactum" - Painteria elachistophylla
"Pithecellobium confine" - Ebenopsis confinis
"Pithecellobium corymbosum" - Hydrochorea corymbosa
"Pithecellobium duckei" - Macrosamanea duckei
"Pithecellobium dumosum" - Chloroleucon dumosum
"Pithecellobium ebano" - Ebenopsis ebano
"Pithecellobium edwallii" - Albizia edwallii
"Pithecellobium elachistophyllu" - Painteria elachistophylla
"Pithecellobium ellipticum" - Archidendron ellipticum
"Pithecellobium filamentosum" - Abarema filamentosa
"Pithecellobium flexicaule" - Ebenopsis ebano
"Pithecellobium foliolosum" - Chloroleucon foliolosum
"Pithecellobium glomeratum" - Zygia cataractae
"Pithecellobium grandiflorum" - Archidendron grandiflorum
"Pithecellobium gummiferum" - Enterolobium gummiferum
"Pithecellobium inaequale" - Zygia inaequalis
"Pithecellobium inopinatum" - Samanea inopinata
"Pithecellobium jiringa" - Archidendron jiringa
"Pithecellobium kunstleri" - Archidendron kunstleri
"Pithecellobium ligustrinum" - Pithecellobium lanceolatum
"Pithecellobium lobatum" - Archidendron jiringa
"Pithecellobium longipedatum" - Pseudosamanea guachapele
"Pithecellobium lusorium" - Abarema brachystachya
"Pithecellobium mataybifolium" - Abarema mataybifolia
"Pithecellobium mexicanum" - Havardia mexicana
"Pithecellobium minutum" - Acacia farnesiana (not to Australia)
"Pithecellobium niopoides" - Albizia niopoides
"Pithecellobium pallens" - Havardia pallens
"Pithecellobium pedicellare" - Balizia pedicellaris
"Pithecellobium pinetorum" - Abarema obovalis
"Pithecellobium polycephalum" - Albizia polycephala
"Pithecellobium pubescens" - Pithecellobium roseum
"Pithecellobium pulchellum" - Pithecellobium unguis-cati
"Pithecellobium racemosum" - Zygia racemosa
"Pithecellobium rufescens" - Cojoba rufescens
"Pithecellobium saman" - Albizia saman
"Pithecellobium sanguineum" - Zygia selloi
"Pithecellobium scalare" - Chloroleucon tenuiflorum
"Pithecellobium scandens" - Macrosamanea duckei
"Pithecellobium schaffneri" - Acacia schaffneri
"Pithecellobium scutiferum" - Archidendron scutiferum
"Pithecellobium selloi" - Zygia selloi
"Pithecellobium sonorae" - Havardia sonorae
"Pithecellobium tortum" - Chloroleucon tortum
"Pithecellobium truncatum" - Abarema obovalis
"Pithecellobium turbinatum" - Abarema turbinata
"Pithecellobium umbellatum" - Cathormion umbellatum

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