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"Plantago afra" - Plantago psyllium
"Plantago cynops" - Plantago sempervirens
"Plantago cynops L.1762" - Plantago sempervirens
"Plantago fastigiata" - Plantago ovata
"Plantago hirtella" - Plantago subnuda
"Plantago indica" - Plantago arenaria
"Plantago insularis" - Plantago ovata
"Plantago ispaghula" - Plantago ovata
"Plantago kamtschatica" - Plantago camtschatica
"Plantago lagopus" - Plantago patagonica
"Plantago major Rubrifolia" - Plantago major Atropurpurea
"Plantago major Rubrifolia o s" - Plantago major Atropurpurea organic seed
"Plantago major v asiatica" - Plantago asiatica
"Plantago psyllium" - Plantago arenaria
"Plantago purshii" - Plantago patagonica
"Plantago rosularis 'Bowles v.'" - Plantago major Rosularis - Bowles Variety
"Plantago scabra" - Plantago arenaria
"Plantago tibetica" - Plantago depressa
"Plantago uniflora" - Littorella uniflora proteg.

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