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"Polygonum acre" - Persicaria punctata
"Polygonum amplexicaule" - Persicaria amplexicaulis
"Polygonum amplexicaule var. sp" - Bistorta amplexicaulis
"Polygonum aubertii" - Fallopia aubertii
"Polygonum barbatum" - Persicaria barbata
"Polygonum bistorta" - Persicaria bistorta
"Polygonum bistorta S" - Persicaria bistorta Superba
"Polygonum bistortoides" - Bistorta bistortoides
"Polygonum bungeanum" - Persicaria bungeana
"Polygonum calostachyum" - Bistorta griffithii
"Polygonum capitatum" - Persicaria capitata
"Polygonum capitatum V C" - Persicaria capitata Victory-Magic-Afghan Carpet
"Polygonum cespitosum" - Persicaria posumbu
"Polygonum cespitosum var. long" - Persicaria longiseta
"Polygonum chinense" - Persicaria chinensis
"Polygonum complexum" - Muehlenbeckia complexa
"Polygonum convolvulus" - Fallopia convolvulus
"Polygonum cymosum" - Fagopyrum acutatus
"Polygonum decipiens" - Persicaria decipiens
"Polygonum densiflorum" - Persicaria glabra
"Polygonum dibotrys" - Fagopyrum acutatus
"Polygonum dichotomum" - Persicaria dichotoma
"Polygonum dumetorum" - Polygonum dumetorum
"Polygonum ellipticum" - Bistorta elliptica
"Polygonum emodi" - Bistorta emodi
"Polygonum ephedroides" - Muehlenbeckia ephedroides
"Polygonum filiforme" - Polygonum virginianum
"Polygonum filiforme Varieg." - Polygonum virginianum Variegatum
"Polygonum flaccidum" - Persicaria pubescens
"Polygonum frutescens" - Atraphaxis frutescens
"Polygonum glabrum" - Persicaria glabra
"Polygonum griffithii" - Bistorta griffithii
"Polygonum heterophyllum" - Polygonum aviculare
"Polygonum hydropiper" - Persicaria hydropiper for micro water pepper
"Polygonum hydropiper" - Persicaria hydropiper
"Polygonum hydropiper Fastigiat" - Persicaria hydropiper Fastigiatum
"Polygonum hydropiperoides" - Persicaria hydropiperoides
"Polygonum japonicum" - Fallopia japonica
"Polygonum lapathifolium" - Persicaria lapathifolia
"Polygonum lichiangense" - Persicaria lichiangense
"Polygonum longisetum" - Persicaria longiseta
"Polygonum macrophyllum" - Bistorta macrophylla
"Polygonum minus" - Persicaria minor
"Polygonum molle" - Persicaria molle
"Polygonum multiflorum" - Fallopia multiflora
"Polygonum odoratum" - Persicaria odorata
"Polygonum orientale" - Persicaria orientalis
"Polygonum orientale V." - Persicaria orientalis Variegatum
"Polygonum pensylvanicum" - Persicaria pensylvanica
"Polygonum perfoliatum" - Persicaria perfoliata
"Polygonum persicaria" - Persicaria maculosa
"Polygonum polystachyum" - Persicaria wallichii
"Polygonum posumbu" - Persicaria posumbu
"Polygonum pterocarpum" - Fallopia pterocarpa
"Polygonum pubescens" - Persicaria pubescens
"Polygonum punctatum" - Persicaria punctata
"Polygonum rivulare" - Persicaria barbata
"Polygonum roettleri" - Persicaria pubescens
"Polygonum sagittatum" - Persicaria sagittata
"Polygonum salicifolium" - Persicaria decipiens
"Polygonum scandens" - Fallopia scandens
"Polygonum senegalense" - Persicaria senegalensis
"Polygonum songaricum" - Aconogonon songaricum
"Polygonum songaricum" - Persicaria songarica
"Polygonum sphaerostachyum" - Polygonum macrophyllum
"Polygonum tinctorum" - Persicaria tinctoria (not to NZ)
"Polygonum tortuosum" - Persicaria tortuosa
"Polygonum vacciniifolium" - Bistorta vacciniifolia
"Polygonum viviparum" - Persicaria vivipara
"Polygonum viviparum" - Persicaria vivipara Rockies form

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