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"Polypodium angustifolium" - Campyloneurum amphostenon
"Polypodium arboreum" - Cyathea arborea
"Polypodium aspleniifolium" - Terpsichore aspleniifolia
"Polypodium aureum" - Phlebodium aureum
"Polypodium aureum v areolatum" - Phlebodium aureum v. areolatum (polypod )
"Polypodium baronii" - Drynaria sinica
"Polypodium bicuspe" - Cheiropleuria bicuspis
"Polypodium carthusianum" - Dryopteris carthusiana
"Polypodium ciliatum" - Microgramma reptans
"Polypodium cordifolium" - Nephrolepis cordifolia
"Polypodium crassifolium" - Niphidium crassifolium
"Polypodium decumanum" - Phlebodium decumanum
"Polypodium dichotomum" - Dicranopteris linearis
"Polypodium dilatata" - Dryopteris dilatata
"Polypodium evecta" - Angiopteris evecta
"Polypodium exaltatum" - Nephrolepis exaltata
"Polypodium falcatum" - Cyrtomium falcatum
"Polypodium filix-femina" - Athyrium filix-femina
"Polypodium guianense" - Lomagramma guianensis
"Polypodium hirsutulum" - Nephrolepis hirsutula
"Polypodium leucophorum" - Paraselliguea leucophora
"Polypodium limbospermum" - Thelypteris limbosperma
"Polypodium lineare" - Dicranopteris linearis
"Polypodium lingua" - Pyrrosia lingua
"Polypodium lycopodiodes" - Microgramma lycopodiodes
"Polypodium Mandaianum" - Phlebodium aureum Mandaianum (polypod )
"Polypodium medullare" - Cyathea medullaris name unresolved
"Polypodium musifolium" - Microsorium musifolium
"Polypodium noveboracense" - Thelypteris noveboracensis
"Polypodium palustre" - Stenocereus queretaroensis Rosita
"Polypodium petiolosum" - Pyrrosia petiolosa
"Polypodium phyllitidis" - Campyloneurum brevifolium
"Polypodium polydactylon" - Pyrrosia polydactylos
"Polypodium princeps" - Pyrrosia princeps
"Polypodium pseudoaureum" - Phlebodium pseudoaureum
"Polypodium pteropus" - Colysis pteropus
"Polypodium scolopendria" - Phymatosorus scolopendria
"Polypodium sheareri" - Pyrrosia sheareri
"Polypodium sinuatum" - Bolbitis sinuata
"Polypodium spinulosum" - Dryopteris carthusiana
"Polypodium truncatum" - Thelypteris truncata
"Polypodium ussuriense" - Pleopeltis ussuriensis
"Polypodium vacciniifolium" - Microgramma vacciniifolia

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