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"Primula acaulis" - Primula vulgaris
"Primula acaulis (old name) unu" - Primula vulgaris Traditional Mix
"Primula acaulis Choice Mixed" - Primula vulgaris Choice Mixed
"Primula acaulis f1 'S F M'" - Primula vulgaris f1 Spectrum Formula Mixture
"Primula acaulis f1 'S Y'" - Primula vulgaris f1 Spectrum Yellow
"Primula acaulis grandiflora P " - Primula vulgaris Potsdam Giants mix
"Primula acaulis S M" - Primula vulgaris Select Mixed
"Primula aemula" - Primula szechuanica
"Primula alpina" - Primula auricula
"Primula amoena" - Primula elatior ssp meyeri
"Primula anisodora" - Primula wilsonii v anisodora
"Primula apoclita" - Primula pinnatifida
"Primula auricula (hort.)" - Primula pubescens x mixed Auricula
"Primula auricula (hort.) Selec" - Primula auricula Border Mix Select
"Primula auricula x hirsuta" - Primula pubescens x mixed Auricula
"Primula bulleyana x beesiana" - Primula bullesiana x
"Primula calycina" - Primula glaucescens
"Primula chionantha ssp sinopur" - Primula sinopurpurea
"Primula conica" - Primula deflexa
"Primula cortusoides (hort.)" - Primula saxatilis
"Primula cortusoides var. lichi" - Primula polyneura b.s.
"Primula cyanantha" - Primula watsonii
"Primula delavayi" - Omphalogramma delavayi
"Primula denticulata Rubin Sel." - Primula denticulata Rubra Special Select Rubin
"Primula dubernardiana" - Primula bracteata
"Primula edgeworthii" - Primula nana
"Primula elatior ssp meyeri" - Primula amoena
"Primula elwesiana" - Omphalogramma elwesianum
"Primula euosma" - Primula moupinensis
"Primula franchetii" - Omphalogramma souliei
"Primula glacialis" - Primula chionantha
"Primula helodoxa" - Primula prolifera c.s. (name unresolved)
"Primula ianthina" - Primula prolifera c.s. (name unresolved)
"Primula imperialis" - Primula prolifera c.s. (name unresolved)
"Primula japonica Alba" - Primula japonica Postford White (sp. name unresolv
"Primula laurentiana" - Primula mistassinica
"Primula lepta" - Primula pinnatifida
"Primula lichiangensis" - Primula polyneura b.s.
"Primula littoniana" - Primula vialii
"Primula littoniana var. robust" - Primula vialii
"Primula macrocalyx (q.v.)" - Primula veris
"Primula mooreana" - Primula capitata ssp mooreana
"Primula muliensis" - Primula boreiocalliantha
"Primula nutans" - Primula flaccida
"Primula obconica grandiflora" - Primula obconica Gigantea Mixed
"Primula ochracea" - Primula orbicularis
"Primula officinalis" - Primula veris
"Primula paxiana" - Primula jesoana v pubescens
"Primula polyantha" - Primula elatior Polyanthus Mixed
"Primula pseudosikkimensis" - Primula sikkimensis
"Primula pulchelloides" - Primula pulchella
"Primula rubra" - Primula hirsuta
"Primula saxatilis" - Primula cortusoides
"Primula seclusa" - Primula mollis
"Primula sibthorpii" - Primula vulgaris ssp. sibthorpii
"Primula sinensis" - Primula praenitens
"Primula sinopurpurea" - Primula chionantha ssp sinopurpurea
"Primula smithiana" - Primula prolifera c.s. (name unresolved)
"Primula veris var. acaulis" - Primula vulgaris
"Primula vinciflora" - Omphalogramma vinciflorum
"Primula viscosa (illegit.)" - Primula latifolia
"Primula vittata" - Primula secundiflora
"Primula vulgaris unusual form" - Primula vulgaris Traditional Mix
"Primula wilsonii v anisodora" - Primula anisodora
"Primula woronowii" - Primula vulgaris ssp. sibthorpii

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