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"Protea abyssinica" - Protea gaguedi
"Protea alba" - Leucadendron album
"Protea anemonifolia" - Isopogon anemonifolius
"Protea arborea" - Protea nitida
"Protea argentea" - Leucadendron argenteum
"Protea barbigera" - Protea magnifica
"Protea bolusii" - Protea caffra
"Protea calocephala" - Protea obtusifolia
"Protea cedromontana" - Protea acuminata
"Protea cornigera" - Protea laurifolia
"Protea florida" - Serruria florida x rosea
"Protea fulva" - Protea lepidocarpodendron
"Protea grandiflora" - Protea arborea
"Protea hirta" - Protea welwitschii
"Protea hirta v glabrescens" - Protea welwitschii
"Protea ignota" - Protea longifolia
"Protea incana" - Protea roupelliae
"Protea incompta" - Protea coronata
"Protea incompta v susannae" - Protea coronata
"Protea lacticolor v angustata" - Protea subvestita
"Protea lacticolor v orientalis" - Protea subvestita
"Protea latifolia" - Protea eximia
"Protea laureola" - Leucadendron laureolum
"Protea liguliifolia" - Protea longifolia
"Protea linifolia" - Leucadendron linifolium
"Protea longiflora" - Protea aurea ssp aurea
"Protea macrocephala" - Protea coronata
"Protea macrophylla" - Protea lorifolia
"Protea marginata" - Protea laurifolia
"Protea mellifera" - Protea repens red to white
"Protea mellifera v albiflora" - Protea repens white form
"Protea minor" - Protea longifolia
"Protea minor" - Protea pudens
"Protea multibracteata" - Protea caffra
"Protea plumosa" - Leucadendron rubrum
"Protea pulchella" - Petrophile pulchella
"Protea pulchella" - Protea burchellii
"Protea pulchella v undulata" - Protea burchellii
"Protea pulchra" - Protea burchellii
"Protea rhodantha" - Protea caffra
"Protea rosacea" - Protea nana
"Protea subpulchella" - Protea burchellii
"Protea triandra" - Protea compacta
"Protea umbonalis" - Protea longifolia
"Protea vestita" - Leucospermum vestitum
"Protea welwitschii ssp gabresc" - Protea welwitschii
"Protea welwitschii v hirta" - Protea welwitschii

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