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"Psoralea acaulis" - Bituminaria acaulis
"Psoralea adscendens" - Cullen microcephalum
"Psoralea americana" - Cullen americanum
"Psoralea americana var. polyst" - Cullen americanum
"Psoralea argophylla" - Pediomelum argophyllum
"Psoralea australasica" - Cullen australasicum
"Psoralea balsamica" - Cullen balsamicum
"Psoralea bituminosa" - Bituminaria bituminosa
"Psoralea bracteata" - Otholobium fruticans
"Psoralea caffra" - Otholobium caffrum
"Psoralea candicans" - Otholobium candicans
"Psoralea canescens" - Pediomelum canescens
"Psoralea capitata" - Psoralea ensifolia
"Psoralea cinerea" - Cullen cinereum
"Psoralea cordata" - Psoralea monophylla
"Psoralea corylifolia" - Cullen corylifolium
"Psoralea cuspidata" - Pediomelum cuspidatum
"Psoralea decumbens" - Otholobium decumbens
"Psoralea dentata" - Cullen americanum
"Psoralea digitata" - Pediomelum digitatum
"Psoralea drupacea" - Cullen drupaceum
"Psoralea eriantha" - Cullen patens
"Psoralea floribunda" - Psoralidium tenuiflorum
"Psoralea foliosa" - Otholobium foliosum
"Psoralea fruticans" - Otholobium fruticans
"Psoralea graveolens" - Cullen graveolens
"Psoralea hirta" - Otholobium hirtum
"Psoralea jamesii" - Dalea jamesii
"Psoralea lachnostachys" - Cullen lachnostachys
"Psoralea lagopus" - Dalea leporina
"Psoralea lanceolata" - Psoralidium lanceolatum
"Psoralea lasiostachys" - Otholobium pubescens
"Psoralea leporina" - Dalea leporina
"Psoralea leucantha" - Cullen leucanthum
"Psoralea linearis" - Aspalathus linearis Rooibos
"Psoralea lupinella" - Orbexilum lupinellum
"Psoralea macrostachya" - Hoita macrostachya
"Psoralea martinii" - Cullen martinii
"Psoralea microcephala" - Cullen microcephalum
"Psoralea nutans" - Marina nutans
"Psoralea obtusifolia" - Cullen tomentosum
"Psoralea onobrychis" - Orbexilum onobrychis
"Psoralea orbicularis" - Hoita orbicularis
"Psoralea parva" - Cullen parvum
"Psoralea patens" - Cullen patens
"Psoralea psoralioides" - Orbexilum pedunculatum v gracile
"Psoralea pubescens" - Otholobium pubescens
"Psoralea pustulata" - Cullen pustulatum
"Psoralea rotundifolia" - Otholobium rotundifolium
"Psoralea simplex" - Orbexilum simplex
"Psoralea spicata" - Otholobium spicatum
"Psoralea striata" - Otholobium striatum
"Psoralea tenax" - Cullen tenax
"Psoralea tenuiflora" - Psoralidium tenuiflorum
"Psoralea tenuiflora var. flori" - Psoralidium tenuiflorum
"Psoralea tetragonoloba" - Cyamopsis tetragonoloba
"Psoralea tetraphylla" - Poiretia tetraphylla
"Psoralea tomentosa" - Otholobium sericeum
"Psoralea wilmsii" - Otholobium wilmsii

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