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"Anthemis pyrethrum" - Anacyclus pyrethrum
"Pyrethrum 'Robinson's Crimson'" - Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Crimson - Red
"Pyrethrum achilleifolium" - Tanacetum achilleifolium
"Pyrethrum anserinifolium" - Tanacetum poteriifolium
"Pyrethrum armenium" - Tanacetum armenium
"Pyrethrum aureum Golden Moss" - Tanacetum parthenium Golden Moss extra dwarf
"Pyrethrum carneum" - Tanacetum coccineum
"Pyrethrum caucasicum" - Tripleurospermum caucasicum
"Pyrethrum cinerariifolium" - Tanacetum cinerariifolium
"Pyrethrum coccineum" - Tanacetum coccineum
"Pyrethrum corymbosum" - Tanacetum corymbosum
"Pyrethrum gayanum" - Rhodanthemum gayanum
"Pyrethrum hispanicum" - Leucanthemopsis pulverulenta
"Pyrethrum lavandulifolium" - Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium
"Pyrethrum leontopodium" - Richteria leontopodium
"Pyrethrum lingulatum" - Xylanthemum lingulatum
"Pyrethrum niveum" - Tanacetum niveum
"Pyrethrum officinarum" - Anacyclus pyrethrum
"Pyrethrum parthenifolium" - Tanacetum parthenifolium
"Pyrethrum poteriifolium" - Tanacetum poteriifolium
"Pyrethrum ptarmiciflorum" - Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum Silver Feather
"Pyrethrum pulverulentum" - Leucanthemopsis pulverulenta
"Pyrethrum Robinson's C." - Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Crimson - Red
"Pyrethrum roseum" - Tanacetum coccineum
"Pyrethrum sinensis" - Chrysanthemum morifolium
"Pyrethrum tchihatchewii" - Tripleurospermum caucasicum
"Pyrethrum tianschanicum" - Xylanthemum tianschanicum
"Pyrethrum uliginosum" - Leucanthemella serotina

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