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"Cyperus papyrus Nanus" - Cyperus profiler
"Papyrus comosus" - Cyperus giganteus
"Phyllanthus leucopyrus" - Flueggea leucopyrus
"Pyrus alnifolia" - Sorbus alnifolia
"Pyrus americana" - Sorbus americana c.s.
"Pyrus americana" - Sorbus decora
"Pyrus americana ssp decora" - Pyrus decora
"Pyrus amygdaliformis var. cune" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus amygdaliformis var. sina" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus angustifolia" - Malus angustifolia
"Pyrus aria" - Sorbus aria c.s.
"Pyrus aria subsp. rupicola" - Sorbus aria c.s.
"Pyrus aria var. cretica" - Sorbus umbellata
"Pyrus aromatica" - Pyrus hondoensis
"Pyrus asiae-mediae" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus aucuparia" - Sorbus aucuparia c.s.
"Pyrus aucuparia var. dulcis" - Sorbus aucuparia c.s.
"Pyrus aucuparia var. randaiens" - Sorbus randaiensis
"Pyrus baccata var. mandshurica" - Malus mandshurica
"Pyrus balansae" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus bourgaeana" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus calleryana f. graciliflo" - Pyrus calleryana
"Pyrus calleryana f. tomentella" - Pyrus calleryana
"Pyrus calleryana var. dimorpho" - Pyrus dimorphophylla
"Pyrus calleryana var. fauriei" - Pyrus fauriei
"Pyrus calleryana var. koehnei" - Pyrus koehnei
"Pyrus chamaemespilus" - Sorbus chamaemespilus d.b.
"Pyrus communis subsp. bourgaea" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus communis subsp. gharbian" - Pyrus gharbiana
"Pyrus communis subsp. marmoren" - Pyrus mamorensis
"Pyrus communis var. cordata" - Pyrus cordata
"Pyrus communis var. mariana" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus coronaria" - Malus coronaria c.s.
"Pyrus cuneifolia" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus cydonia" - Cydonia oblonga svs
"Pyrus decipiens" - Sorbus latifolia hort.
"Pyrus delavayi" - Docynia delavayi
"Pyrus discolor" - Sorbus discolor
"Pyrus diversifolia" - Malus fusca
"Pyrus domestica" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus doumeri" - Malus doumeri
"Pyrus elata" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus floribunda" - Malus floribunda
"Pyrus folgneri" - Sorbus folgneri
"Pyrus foliolosa" - Sorbus foliolosa
"Pyrus fusca" - Malus fusca
"Pyrus germanica" - Mespilus germanica vsvs
"Pyrus gracilis" - Sorbus gracilis
"Pyrus harrowiana" - Sorbus insignis
"Pyrus heterophylla" - Pyrus regelii
"Pyrus hupehensis" - Malus hupehensis
"Pyrus indica" - Docynia indica
"Pyrus insignis" - Sorbus insignis
"Pyrus intermedia" - Sorbus intermedia
"Pyrus japonica" - Chaenomeles japonica svs
"Pyrus kansuensis" - Malus kansuensis
"Pyrus kawakamii" - Pyrus calleryana
"Pyrus keissleri" - Sorbus keissleri
"Pyrus kumaoni" - Pyrus pashia
"Pyrus lanata" - Sorbus lanata
"Pyrus lindleyi" - Pyrus ussuriensis
"Pyrus lobata" - Docynia indica
"Pyrus longipes" - Pyrus cossonii
"Pyrus malus" - Malus sylvestris
"Pyrus malus var. astracanica" - Malus sylvestris
"Pyrus malus var. paradisiaca" - Malus pumila
"Pyrus matsumurana" - Sorbus matsumurana
"Pyrus maulei" - Chaenomeles japonica svs
"Pyrus medvedevii" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus melliana" - Malus melliana
"Pyrus microphylla" - Sorbus microphylla
"Pyrus minima" - Sorbus minima
"Pyrus nebrodensis" - Cotoneaster nebrodensis
"Pyrus niedzwetzkyana" - Malus pumila
"Pyrus nivalis var. orientalis" - Pyrus nivalis
"Pyrus nussia" - Photinia nussia
"Pyrus oblongifolia" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus ovoidea" - Pyrus ussuriensis
"Pyrus paniculata" - Symplocos sawafutagi
"Pyrus pashia var. kumaoni" - Pyrus pashia
"Pyrus pekinensis" - Sorbus discolor
"Pyrus persica" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus pinnatifida" - Sorbus hybrida
"Pyrus pohuashanensis" - Sorbus pohuashanensis
"Pyrus prunifolia" - Malus prunifolia
"Pyrus pyraster" - Pyrus communis
"Pyrus pyrifolia f. stapfiana" - Pyrus pyrifolia
"Pyrus rivularis" - Malus fusca
"Pyrus rotundifolia" - Sorbus latifolia hort.
"Pyrus rufifolia" - Docynia indica
"Pyrus salviifolia" - Pyrus nivalis
"Pyrus sambucifolia" - Sorbus sambucifolia
"Pyrus sanguinea" - Amelanchier sanguinea
"Pyrus sargentii" - Malus sargentii (name unresolved)
"Pyrus scabrifolia" - Crataegus scabrifolia
"Pyrus scalaris" - Sorbus scalaris
"Pyrus serotina" - Pyrus pyrifolia
"Pyrus serotina var. stapfiana" - Pyrus pyrifolia
"Pyrus setschwanensis" - Sorbus microphylla
"Pyrus sikkimensis" - Malus sikkimensis
"Pyrus simonii" - Pyrus ussuriensis
"Pyrus sinai" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus sinaica" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus sinensis" - Pyrus ussuriensis
"Pyrus spinosa" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus spinosa var. oblongifoli" - Pyrus amygdaliformis
"Pyrus sudetica" - Sorbus sudetica
"Pyrus torminalis" - Sorbus torminalis
"Pyrus trilobata" - Malus trilobata
"Pyrus tschonoskii" - Malus tschonoskii
"Pyrus turkestanica" - Sorbus turkestanica
"Pyrus ussuriensis var. hondoen" - Pyrus hondoensis
"Pyrus ussuriensis var. ovoidea" - Pyrus ussuriensis
"Pyrus variolosa" - Pyrus pashia
"Pyrus verruculosa" - Pyrus pashia
"Pyrus vilmorinii" - Sorbus vilmorinii
"Pyrus wilhelmii" - Pyrus pashia
"Pyrus yunnanensis" - Malus yunnanensis
"Pyrus zahlbruckneri" - Sorbus zahlbruckneri
"Pyrus zumi" - Malus zumi
"Securinega leucopyrus" - Flueggea leucopyrus

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