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"Microrhamnus franguloides" - Rhamnella franguloides
"Rhamnus betulifolia" - Frangula betulifolia
"Rhamnus brasiliensis" - Ilex brasiliensis
"Rhamnus californica" - Rhamnus californicus
"Rhamnus californica" - Frangula californica
"Rhamnus caroliniana" - Frangula caroliniana
"Rhamnus carpinifolia" - Zelkova carpinifolia
"Rhamnus celtifolia" - Rhamnus prinoides
"Rhamnus chlorophora" - Rhamnus globosa
"Rhamnus costatus Maxim" - Rhamnus costatus
"Rhamnus crenata" - Frangula crenata
"Rhamnus cubensis" - Colubrina cubensis
"Rhamnus dahuricus Pall" - Rhamnus dahuricus
"Rhamnus diamantica Nakai" - Rhamnus diamantica
"Rhamnus elliptica" - Colubrina elliptica
"Rhamnus erythroxylon Pall" - Rhamnus erythroxylon
"Rhamnus frangula" - Frangula alnus prov. UK
"Rhamnus frangula" - Frangula alnus
"Rhamnus frangula db" - Frangula alnus stratified seed
"Rhamnus frangula C" - Frangula alnus Columnaris
"Rhamnus glabra" - Rhamnus yoshinoi
"Rhamnus glabra var. manshurica" - Rhamnus yoshinoi
"Rhamnus humboldtiana" - Karwinskia humboldtiana
"Rhamnus iguanaea" - Celtis iguanaea
"Rhamnus infectoria" - Rhamnus saxatilis ssp saxatilis
"Rhamnus japonicus Maxim." - Rhamnus japonicus
"Rhamnus lineata" - Berchemia lineata
"Rhamnus lotus" - Ziziphus lotus
"Rhamnus micrantha" - Trema micrantha
"Rhamnus nummularia" - Ziziphus nummularia
"Rhamnus obtusifolia" - Ziziphus obtusifolia
"Rhamnus oenoplia" - Ziziphus oenopolia L.
"Rhamnus paalasii Schlecht" - Rhamnus pallasii
"Rhamnus pallasii" - Rhamnus erythroxyloides
"Rhamnus pentaphylla" - Rhus pentaphylla
"Rhamnus polygamus" - Gouania polygama
"Rhamnus purshiana" - Frangula purshiana
"Rhamnus rupestris" - Frangula rupestris
"Rhamnus schneideri" - Rhamnus yoshinoi
"Rhamnus spathulifolia Fisch.e" - Rhamnus spathulifolia
"Rhamnus spina-christi" - Ziziphus spina-christi
"Rhamnus talanai" - Ziziphus talanai
"Rhamnus texensis" - Colubrina texensis
"Rhamnus thea" - Sageretia thea
"Rhamnus theezans" - Sageretia thea
"Rhamnus tinctoria" - Flueggea tinctoria
"Rhamnus trinervis" - Ziziphus trinervia
"Rhamnus ulmoides" - Zelkova carpinifolia
"Rhamnus vitis-idaea" - Breynia vitis-idaea
"Rhamnus xylopyra" - Ziziphus xylopyrus
"Rhamnus zeyheri" - Berchemia zeyheri
"Rhamnus zizyphus" - Ziziphus jujuba b.s.

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