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"(not syn Rhus chirindensis" - Searsia chirindensis (name unresolved)
"Rhus acuminata" - Toxicodendron acuminatum
"Rhus amela" - Rhus chinensis
"Rhus angustifolia" - Searsia angustifolia
"Rhus batophylla" - Searsia batophylla
"Rhus burchellii" - Searsia burchellii
"Rhus cacodendron" - Ailanthus altissima
"Rhus canadensis" - Rhus aromatica
"Rhus ciliata" - Searsia ciliata
"Rhus cismontana" - Rhus glabra
"Rhus cobbe" - Allophylus cobbe
"Rhus copallinum var. lanceolat" - Rhus lanceolata
"Rhus copallinum var. latifolia" - Rhus copallinum
"Rhus cotinus" - Cotinus coggygria
"Rhus crenata" - Searsia crenata
"Rhus dentata" - Searsia dentata
"Rhus discolor" - Searsia discolor
"Rhus dissecta" - Searsia dissecta
"Rhus divaricata" - Searsia divaricata
"Rhus diversiloba" - Toxicodendron diversilobum
"Rhus engleri" - Searsia engleri
"Rhus erosa" - Searsia erosa
"Rhus erosa x krebsii" - Searsia erosa x krebsii
"Rhus glabra var. cismontana" - Rhus glabra
"Rhus glauca" - Searsia glauca
"Rhus gueinzii" - Searsia gueinzii
"Rhus hirsuta" - Rhus typhina c.s.
"Rhus hirta" - Rhus typhina c.s.
"Rhus incisa" - Searsia incisa
"Rhus incisa v effusa" - Searsia incisa v. effusa
"Rhus insignis" - Heeria insignis
"Rhus javanica" - Rhus chinensis
"Rhus javanica" - Brucea javanica
"Rhus krebsiana" - Searsia krebsiana
"Rhus laevigata" - Searsia laevigata
"Rhus lancea" - Searsia lancea
"Rhus lancia" - Searsia laevigata v. villosa
"Rhus laurina" - Malosma laurina
"Rhus leptodictya" - Searsia leptodictya
"Rhus longifolia" - Protorhus longifolia
"Rhus longispina" - Searsia longispina
"Rhus lucida" - Searsia lucida
"Rhus macowanii" - Searsia rehmanniana
"Rhus magalismontana" - Searsia magalismontana
"Rhus marlothii" - Searsia marlothii
"Rhus montana" - Searsia montana
"Rhus natalensis" - Searsia natalensis
"Rhus nebulosa" - Searsia nebulosa
"Rhus obliqua" - Ptaeroxylon obliquum
"Rhus oblongifolia" - Searsia oblongifolia
"Rhus oxyacantha" - Rhus tripartita
"Rhus pallens" - Searsia pallens
"Rhus parviflora" - Toxicodendron parviflorum
"Rhus pendulina" - Searsia pendulina
"Rhus pentheri" - Searsia pentheri
"Rhus populifolia" - Searsia populifolia
"Rhus pyroides" - Searsia pyroides
"Rhus radicans var. rydbergii" - Toxicodendron rydbergii
"Rhus refracta" - Searsia refracta
"Rhus rehmanniana" - Searsia rehmanniana
"Rhus retusa" - Rhus taitensis
"Rhus rhodanthema" - Rhodosphaera rhodanthema
"Rhus rosmarinifolia" - Searsia rosmarinifolia
"Rhus rufa" - Rhus taitensis
"Rhus rydbergii" - Toxicodendron rydbergii
"Rhus sekhukuniensis" - Searsia sekhukhuniensis
"Rhus semialata" - Rhus chinensis
"Rhus sp unident." - Searsia species C unident. 4m. small tree
"Rhus striata" - Toxicodendron striatum
"Rhus succedanea var. acuminata" - Toxicodendron acuminatum
"Rhus sylvestris" - Toxicodendron sylvestre
"Rhus tenuinervis" - Searsia tenuinervis
"Rhus tomentosa" - Searsia tomentosa
"Rhus toxicodendron" - Rhus radicans
"Rhus toxicodendron var. querci" - Toxicodendron pubescens
"Rhus transvaalensis" - Searsia transvaalensis
"Rhus tumulicola" - Searsia tumulicola
"Rhus undulata v undulata" - Searsia undulata
"Rhus venosa" - Metopium venosum
"Rhus vernicifera" - Toxicodendron vernicifluum

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