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"Ribes affine" - Ribes laxiflorum
"Ribes affine var. sachalinense" - Ribes sachalinense
"Ribes alpestre var. commune" - Ribes alpestre
"Ribes amarum var. hoffmannii" - Ribes amarum
"Ribes appendiculatum" - Ribes dikuscha
"Ribes coloradense" - Ribes laxiflorum
"Ribes congdonii" - Ribes quercetorum
"Ribes dioicum" - Ribes alpinum
"Ribes flavum" - Ribes aureum
"Ribes glaucescens" - Ribes nevadaense
"Ribes gracile" - Ribes cynosbati
"Ribes graveolens" - Ribes fragrans
"Ribes grossularia" - Ribes uva-crispa
"Ribes grossularioides" - Ribes sinanense
"Ribes himalense var. urceolatu" - Ribes himalense
"Ribes lacustra fa. lacustre" - Ribes lacustre
"Ribes lacustre var. lentum" - Ribes montigenum
"Ribes lentum" - Ribes montigenum
"Ribes mandshuricum var. subgla" - Ribes mandschuricum
"Ribes menziesii var. thacheria" - Ribes thacherianum
"Ribes meyeri var. tanguticum" - Ribes meyeri
"Ribes meyeri var. turkestanicu" - Ribes meyeri
"Ribes mogollonicum" - Ribes wolfii
"Ribes moupinense var. laxiflor" - Ribes moupinense
"Ribes multiflorum var. mandshu" - Ribes mandschuricum
"Ribes nigrum f. chlorocarpum" - Ribes nigrum
"Ribes nigrum var. chlorocarpum" - Ribes nigrum
"Ribes prostratum" - Ribes glandulosum
"Ribes punctatum" - Ribes orientale
"Ribes reclinatum" - Ribes uva-crispa
"Ribes rubrum" - Ribes silvestre
"Ribes rubrum" - Ribes spicatum
"Ribes rubrum var. palczewskii" - Ribes palczewskii
"Ribes tenue" - Ribes laciniatum
"Ribes villosum" - Ribes gayanum
"Ribes viscosum var. brachybotr" - Ribes brachybotrys

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